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How to Plan for an Escape Room in Advance

How to Plan for an Escape Room in Advance

If you’ve recently decided to spend an evening tackling a local escape room with a group of your best friends, family members, or colleagues, you may be wondering how you can prepare for victory. Without knowing the layout or even the specific theme of your escape room, is there any way to prepare in advance to improve your odds of victory—or even a record-breaking completion time? Read on for some tips and tricks on formulating your escape room plan in advance.

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Step One: Picking Your Team

You may not always have total control over who serves on your escape room team, but to the extent that you can choose members you know (and communicate with) well, your odds of success will improve. Much of the recipe for an escape room win lies in a common gameplay style and good communication among all team members. Having one or more people on your team who hold a grudge against each other or aren’t on speaking terms can really hamper your rapport.

And while EscapeWorks Denver allows up to 12 team members per room, for optimum performance you may want to shave a few off this total. Having the maximum number of team members can leave the room feeling overcrowded and make it hard to communicate across the sound of 11 other voices.

Step Two: Decide on In-Room Strategies

After you’ve picked your team, you may want to go ahead and discuss and decide on some strategies you’ll be able to use during your 60 minutes of gameplay. Some common tips include:

  • Split up to ensure that no more than one or two team members are working on a single clue at one time;
  • Make judicious use of your “helps” so that you’re not spinning your wheels on one tough-to-solve clue;
  • Know when to ask for help or trade puzzles with another team member;
  • You’ll likely find quite a few lock and key sets, so leave them in the lock they fit to make sure you don’t keep trying the same few ones.

Step Three: Implement Your Plan

Once you’ve decided on an escape room theme and discussed strategy with your teammates, it’s time to put your preparation into play. Begin your escape room experience by listening carefully to the “game master,” as he or she may even be slipping clues into the getting-to-know-you speech. By getting a running start, you’ll be able to save precious minutes when you need them most.

You’ll then want to divide and conquer. By splitting up and searching the room as thoroughly as you can, you’ll ensure that important and hidden clues don’t go overlooked.

Be sure to shout out whenever you come across a new clue or interesting find. It’s likely that someone on the other side of the room might have a corresponding clue that can get you closer to solving the puzzle. At EscapeWorks Denver, our diverse and challenging rooms can help you and up to 11 of your closest friends or colleagues create some lasting memories.

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