July 11

Denver Puzzle Rooms, Scavenger Hunts, and Geocaching


Denver has a lot of great, quirky ideas for families, couples, and friends who love puzzle solving. Instead of going to a movie, out to dinner, or shopping, engage your minds by picking up that scavenger hunt at the museum, follow a historical walking tour, dare to enter a Denver puzzle room, or embark on a geocaching adventure.

With the advent of GPS on handheld devices, geocaching, a form of high-tech scavenger hunt (geocaching), has become a popular pastime. Like any traditional scavenger hunt, clues are left for treasure hunters to find with the new technologic twist that your GPS helps locate the clues by guiding you to the general location. Once in the general area, the hunters fan out to locate the clue. A simple Google search will bring up results for fun geocaching adventures with different themes and various flavors.

Denver and the surrounding areas offer a multitude of geocaching adventures in and around the city as well as across the state. Several adventures lead you through the national parks near the city. One offers a historical, interactive tour of Fort Collins. Another highlights local owl species. Nature hikes, ghost tours, biking trails, and historical walks, you name it, and there is a geocaching adventure or scavenger hunt for it.

One website, Urban Adventure Quest, offers an interactive quest in the heart of Denver that starts at the history rich capitol building and ends at the Brown Palace Hotel. Not only is this a great way to get out and actively explore Denver, but geocaching teaches useful skills like navigation, problem solving, and teamwork. Along the way, mark the art museum, library, and performing arts center for later exploration. For once, those phones will be put to good use locating your position, finding clues, and stimulating brains. No matter what you fancy, an interactive, puzzle solving adventure awaits you.

A single geocaching adventure does not take a whole day, though, so while out and about, make a day of it. When that geocaching adventure goes past a museum, mark its location, and come back. Most museums set up scavenger hunts to engage, interest, and educate tour groups and guests. These hunts are designed to hit the major exhibits and educate by showing off the more interesting artifacts. Some hunts even teach skills of deduction and how to analyze paintings, use a card catalog, read a map, or put together clues from an archaeological dig. While that may sound like a lot to cram in, our minds are meant to be active, and scavenger hunts are designed to be entertaining, educational, and not overly taxing. Learning some extra skills is just a bonus.

Consider a movie style adventure at Denver Escape Room. Enter a puzzle solving adventure that throws your team into an action packed film where you are the star. Choose from three adventures: Casino Heist, The Big Game, and Egyptian Tomb. In Casino Heist, a small team is locked in a casino. The mission is to find the vault, grab the dough, and escape before your two-timing, double-crossing ex-partner shows up with his new buddies, the cops. Sports fans may enjoy this adventurous twist on the sports world in The Big Game. The championship game is scheduled for today, but when coach summons you, the star quarterback, to discuss last-minute tactics, the opposing team locks you in his office with no way out. To make matters worse, kickoff is sixty minutes away. Without you, the team will lose morale and direction. Will you let them down? For those history-inclined, puzzle fanatics, try Egyptian Tomb. In the 1940s, an archaeologist went missing here. Will you uncover the tomb’s mysteries and discover the fate of your predecessors without falling prey to ghosts (or mummies) of the past?

No matter what flavor of problem solving you love, a geocaching adventure and escape room await you in Denver. Contact EscapeWorks Denver to plan your next adventure.


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