July 18

A Puzzling Date Idea in Denver

Date Idea in Denver

Looking for fun date ideas in Denver? Searching for a challenging and exciting group activity? Seek no further. EscapeWorks, an amazing alternative to traditional dating or party venues, has the ultimate breakthrough in entertainment.

EscapeWorks Denver

Ever wondered what it would be like to race against the clock, solving clues and codes with your coworkers, closest friends or family in order to free yourselves from a locked room? Ever wish you were Indiana Jones, or Rick O’Connell, searching for ancient secrets and saving the day?

Thanks to Denver’s hottest new attraction you can bring your fantasy to life.

EscapeWorks Denver is an innovative approach to date and group activities. Teams of 2-8 people are given one hour (sixty minutes) to decipher clues and escape a themed puzzle room.

The Low-Down

Currently boasting three escape rooms to choose from, each with a unique theme and back story, EscapeWorks Denver is at the forefront of a revolution in the entertainment industry.

In the Egyptian Tomb, teams must retrace the steps of a famous archaeologist who disappeared and solve the clues to avoid the archaeologist’s fate themselves.

The Big Game transforms you into a quarterback, locked in the coach’s office by the opposing team moments before the big game.

The final room EscapeWorks offers is the Casino Heist. This escape room puts you and your team in the precarious situation of getting into the vault, grabbing the loot and getting out in an hour or less.

All the heart-pounding, thrilling action of a movie but you are the star!

As one enthusiastic and clearly satisfied customer review states, “I never want to go to a movie again. This was like being in a movie. Loved it.”

But How Much Will it Cost?

The ultimate and deciding question these days when it comes to quality entertainment is often “How much will this cost me?” In uncertain economic times people want all the bang they can get for every buck.

Well, you can rest assured that EscapeWorks wants that too. At $25 per person, EscapeWorks Denver has one of the lowest prices in the world for an escape room venue. If you think this is a little steep, consider that the average price for a 3-D movie ticket per adult is $17.69 (AMC), and that doesn’t include the popcorn!

For around the same price as a night at the movies you could have a movie-type adventure of your own and strengthen your relationships at the same time.

More Than a Date Night

Not only is EscapeWorks Denver a fun-filled destination for couples, it is also a great venue for groups and team-building exercises. With the clock ticking and a shared goal to unite them, people must cooperate to solve the clues and puzzles and escape the room together.

Perfect for work or church groups, scout troops, support groups, and many others.

Similar entertainment options in the Denver area have a maximum capacity of 4-5 people per room. EscapeWorks almost doubles that with a maximum of 8 people, making this Denver puzzle room venue the premier option for large and small groups.

Deciphering the Code

The deciphered code of this puzzling date idea in Denver? EscapeWorks is a unique, fresh, fun date experience with potential for so much more: joint bachelor/bachelorette parties for the extreme or puzzle-loving couple, birthday parties for your adventurous friends or just an evening of memorable fun with the family.

Whatever the occasion, EscapeWorks Denver is a clever and exciting way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Contact us through our website, book a room, and forever change the way you define fun.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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