April 11

Race Against Time – Escape in Denver

Locked in a room for an hour, you and a group of friends face an exciting challenge. In order to escape successfully, you must solve a series of puzzles and follow a trail of clues within the allotted time period. Whether as a team building task for coworkers or a memorable evening for families or friends, EscapeRoom Denver offers a unique experience for any group between 2-8 members. Heralded as the “latest entertainment trend,” by CNBC, escape games are cropping up all around the world, and EscapeWorks Denver is excited to make the experience available in the Denver region.

Escape Room One: The Egyptian Tomb

This room allows participants to explore the past for an hour as a team of 1940’s archaeologists. In search of a colleague who has mysteriously vanished in an ancient Egyptian tomb, the group must solve Egyptian-themed puzzles to discover what fate he met in the recesses of the catacombs.

Escape Room Two: The Big Game

In this room, participants are the star players of Denver’s football team. In order to prevent the group from playing, the opposing team has locked participants in the coach’s office. The group has one hour to navigate the sports-themed challenge in order to break free and make it to the football game on time.

Escape Room Three: The Casino Heist

Participants have been carefully preparing for a casino heist for months, but the most experienced thief among them has betrayed the group. After putting the police on the group’s trail, the thief snuck away to complete the heist on his own. The group must break into the vault first, outwitting the casino’s security measures with the cops hot on their trail.

With an average success rate of only 34%, these rooms offer a true challenge. Even the cleverest groups require nearly the entire hour to complete it – the record-holding group for the fastest escape finished with only 9 minutes left on the clock. You and your group will need to put your cooperative skills to the test in order to make it out of the rooms on time. Working together to solve puzzles, decode ciphers, and discover hidden rooms, the event is a stimulating and memorable experience.

With careful attention to details, each room is constructed to provide an immersive environment. Recent guests who trialed the rooms have commented that it was “like being in a movie” and that they “felt like they were really there.” Rather than passively observing, escape rooms offer the chance for your group to be active players in the event. No two visits are identical, for the thought processes and problem solving methods of each group is dynamic, allowing visitors to pave their own unique paths.

The grand opening for EscapeWorks Denver is scheduled for the weekend of April 22-24. Booking tickets prior to April 22 will qualify you for special discounts with use of promo code BOOKNOW323. Please contact us with questions or stop in at our location to learn more.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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