January 19

Searching for Denver Date Ideas? Here’s a Clue!

Searching for Denver Date Ideas?

You’ve been dating that special someone for several months, but you are both getting a little burned out on dinner and movies dates. Shopping trips and game nights with friends are fun, but you would like to come up with other Denver date ideas that will shake things up a bit, and move you to the next level of your relationship. While skydiving and extreme snowboarding isn’t exactly what you are looking for, there must be an activity that will help you get to know each other better and see first-hand how well you work together as a couple

Consider an Escape Room

Is he a take-charge type of guy in a difficult situation, or does he hide when times get tough? Does she jump to find solutions, or does she prefer waiting for her knight in shining armor to save her? The best way to find answers to these questions is to participate in an entertaining and challenging escape room. Visualize you and your date trapped inside a video game scenario, where rooms and backdrops become the escape room of choice. Each room is filled with gadgets and clues that ultimately lead to your escape and freedom.

Choose a Room and Test Your Skills

At EscapeWorks Denver, you will discover your ability to brainstorm, and figure your way out of an Egyptian Tomb, Casino Heist, The Big Game. Once you choose your theme, you will enter into that particular chamber. Once inside, you will have 60 minutes to role-play your way through scenarios to unlock clues, decipher codes, and escape from potential mayhem! If you manage to escape, you will be rewarded with prizes, such as a winning photo of your team and t-shirts. If not, don’t feel clueless, EscapeWorks takes pride in the challenge presented by each escape room. Come back and try a different theme for your next date.

Contact EscapeWorks Denver for more information on how book your next date night. Inquire about their new escape rooms the next time you decide to book a large-group activity.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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