April 3

EscapeWorks Denver Wants to See YOU Around the World!


Now through August 1st it’s your chance to win prizes worth over $4000 simply by taking a selfie!!!

Simply take a selfie with our Contest Stickers* adhered to a unique and interesting location. Then post on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profile with the #EscapeWorksATW by August 1st. We hope to see everything from the inside of a prison cell to the Great Wall of China.

Judges will determine winners for prizes below and post on August 13th, 2017. Winners will be based on creativity of location, and selfie pose(s).

9th-10th Places
Escape Room Experience for 2

6th-8th Places
Escape Room Experience for 4

4th-5th Place
Escape Room Experience for 8

3rd Place
Escape Room Experience for 12

2nd Place
$500 Cash

Grand Prize
Escape Room Experience for 40

40 tickets to EscapeWorks Denver. These can be used for you and your friends. Try all 5 rooms or give them as gifts! $1000 value!

*Stickers can be picked up at 1529 Champa St. or mailed to your home address by contacting sales@escapeworksdenver.com



$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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