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Summer Team Party Ideas

Team Party Ideas

When you’re part of a team, spending time together off the court or field is the best way to create an environment that produces success. Everyone needs a chance to gel as a group or celebrate their milestones together. Whether your team is just getting some time off for the summer or you’ve joined a short-season recreational league, an escape room is an ideal location for a summer team party to gather and have some fun. At EscapeWorks, your team bonding or celebratory outings are amped up in excitement and effectiveness, and you’ll leave with a healthier and happier team atmosphere than before.

Seasonal Groups

Summer leagues and seasonal teams are a great way for participants of all ages to blow off some steam or even get some extra training during the off-season. However, because you’re putting a team together in such a short time to play for only a couple of months, nobody really gets to know each other. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to a cohesive team. You need some seriously concentrated team bonding to get everyone up to speed, and that’s where EscapeWorks comes in. For some expedited team gelling, organize a team party at an escape room to rapidly work out the kinks in your communication and critical thinking mechanics. Puzzles and riddles around every corner force your team to communicate clearly and figure things out quickly! This translates to how you play together on the field.

Off-Season Teams

Regular season play is long and exhausting, and then there’s off-season training which is even longer and more tiring than the regular season. Why does the best part of being on a team have to stop once the season comes to a close? Visiting an escape room would be an excellent way for you and your teammates to celebrate the highs and lows of your season. It’s also a way to continue to build your relationships and come together as a team without the pressure of your coaches being in close proximity. Let your creative juices flow in one of our five different rooms, and put your skills and teamwork to the test in a high-intensity environment with a sixty-minute time limit. You’ll come back into preseason with results displayed in your seamless teamwork and critical thinking skills during gameplay. Every good team knows that no matter how long you’re together, whether it’s two months or four years, the best way to play better as a team is to build relationships with each other. Different teams have different dynamics, and it’s up to you to figure out what yours is. Come to EscapeWorks for a team party and discover strengths of your team you and have an experience no one will ever forget. For groups larger than 12, contact us to set up your event!


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