October 12

Team Puzzle Solving

team puzzle solving

Are you stuck in a rut? Are teammates or coworkers not getting along? Is conflict getting in the way of productiveness? Or is there a seemingly insurmountable roadblock keeping you from being successful? There’s a way to overcome all of these circumstances, and it’s by breaking the routine and prioritizing the improvement of your group synergy. By bringing your team to an escape room, you’re providing them with the best opportunity to grow as individuals and as a cohesive group. Team puzzle solving is the new and improved team building exercise to bring life and spark excitement in even the most rigid team environments.

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Why Bring a Team?

It doesn’t matter whether your group is an office squad or an athletics team, they all need to work on team building in order to become more efficient. Case studies show that the more time your crew spends together to get to know each other off the court or outside the workplace, the better your team relations will be. Even a short amount of time spent together can drastically improve group connections! For many struggling sports teams or scrambling office employees, team building is often the missing ingredient to success and productivity.

Why a Puzzle Room?

One of the issues people come across when attempting to put together a “team bonding” plan is the question of location. What activity or place can take the formality out of work-related settings and be accessible and interesting to everyone involved? An escape room is an answer to your prayers because team puzzle solving is a universally entertaining activity that doesn’t monopolize an extensive amount of time for those who have other responsibilities to attend to. As a plus, it’s a perfect catalyst for deep, meaningful discussion to be had afterward over a meal or coffee.

How Can it Help?

Team puzzle solving is one of the most effective ways you could enhance your team’s performance. Although it doesn’t teach you how to market your company’s product or get you in good enough shape to run up and down a field, an escape room is where you go to transform the way you and your team operate. Problem-solving is an intangible skill many teams struggle to master, and puzzle rooms are almost entirely based on improving those critical thinking skills. And, when you bring your whole team in, the room tests your aptitude in communication and collaboration. When you’re in a high-stress situation, communication and critical thinking are integral in being triumphant over the stumbling blocks your team may encounter. An escape room is a way to step away from the stresses of work and use the experience to gain a fresh perspective on them.

No matter how well your team is performing, trying your hand(s) at team puzzle solving will change the game and take your organization to the next level. To take your shot at the best escape room you can find, schedule a session for your squad. Success is just one visit away.


$35 per person


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Denver, CO

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