November 14

The Escape From The Mummy’s Tomb

The Escape From The Mummy's Tomb

Denver Escape Works sets the stakes high when it comes to escape and entertainment. The Egyptian Tomb creates an exceptional experience with its immersive atmosphere. Whether you picture yourself as Rick O’Connel or the infamous Indiana Jones, there is an extra layer of tension to the escape from the Egyptian Tomb. Instead of your favorite hero trapped in the ancient tomb, you can experience the thrill of utilizing your wits to find a way out. The atmosphere will draw you in without the real threat of danger.

Paint the scene with you and a few friends or family members locked into the pharaoh’s tomb. The last person to see the inside of this crypt disappeared, and you find yourself trapped. The clock is ticking, giving you an hour to find an escape. Once inside the room, it is hard to separate fiction from reality. The thoughts of ancient curses, clues, and superstition transport you back in time. Without modern advances, or heavy equipment to break down walls, you must use team work to find a way out within the allotted time.

How skilled are you at tracking? The last human to enter the tomb was a famed archeologist. He set foot in the tomb with the task of unveiling its secrets. The goal is to walk in his footsteps to uncover clues and find out why he disappeared. Tracking down the archeologist is only half the battle, do not forget to find a path out of the tomb.

Watching the action unfold in a movie, or playing a character in a game with unlimited attempts of escape ahead is easy. Why not try an interactive experience that will leave you with a great story to tell. Find your way out of the tomb and celebrate your victory, or come back to try a new scenario. Escape Works Denver offers three unique themed rooms. If the mystery of the Egyptian Tomb intrigues you, contact us today!



$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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