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Themed Vacations and Dates

Themed Vacations and Dates

Themed dates, mini-vacations, and family days out combine adventure, learning, and fun to create unforgettable memories. These dates could be built around sports, a love of history, or risk-taking. What activities do your family members love? Is your significant other also your partner in crime? Are your friends history buffs?

Well, Denver has something for everyone. Let’s say your family loves football. Take a tour of Mile High Stadium. While there, consider walking through sports history and honoring their best and brightest by visiting the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum. Not only will you see the sports’ heroes honored in the Gallery of Legends, but the Sportswomen of Colorado and A Snapshot of Women in History exhibits highlight the contributions of women to all sports. The National Sports Center for the Disabled honors the toughest, most talented athletes in the world. Everyone is welcome in the Kids’ Zone interactive exhibit where you become sports legends. The entire museum is free, making it a super affordable day out.

Now that the legends in the Hall of Fame got your juices running, consider becoming one of those legends in The Big Game at EscapeWorks Denver. You become the head quarterback of your favorite football team on Championship Day. In an hour, your team will face its arch nemesis in the field. At least, that was the plan. An invitation to discuss last-minute tactics is a ruse by the other team who just locked you in coach’s office with no means of communication. Will you be able to escape for kick off?

Perhaps you are feeling lucky today and head over to your favorite bingo hall or casino just to try your luck. Once there, feeding coins into slot machines and playing bingo loses its luster. How about upping the stakes?

Enter a high stakes game where your life and livelihood are on the line. Months of planning brought your team to this casino today. The plan to infiltrate the vault is fool-proof. Moral is high. Then the mastermind behind this plan goes rogue. He’s tipped off the cops. Halfway to the vault, it’s too late to walk away. You have an hour to infiltrate the vault, get the loot, and escape under their noses! A trip to the casino will never seem boring again!

Perhaps you are a history buff and the museum is more to your liking. Learn about cultures from around the world at the University of Denver’s Anthropology Museum. Experience local history at the History Colorado Center. If you like ancient history, visit the North American Indian Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Then investigate the Egyptian Mummies before heading over to EscapeWorks Denver to brave the Egyptian Tomb.

A failed expedition in the 1940s left more questions than answers about this tomb. The archaeologist and team investigating disappeared. Locals and the occasional archaeology student whisper rumors of curses and mummies. Until now, no one dared investigate. Can you retrace their steps, determine the team’s fate, and uncover the mysteries of the tomb?

Coupling a trip to EscapeWorks Denver with other activities creates a memorable experience for everyone. Tour Mile High Stadium with friends, learn a little something about sports history at the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum, and make dreams come true by becoming one of those legends in The Big Game. If you just want to spice up trips to a casino with a little imagination, adding Casino Heist will get those mental juices going. Forays to local museums may be educational, but following it with a trip to Egyptian Tomb can make history come alive. A little planning can go a long way, and no one will forget these adventures any time soon. Contact EscapeWorks Denver to discuss your unforgettable adventure.


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