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Things to do in Denver: Ghost Hunting!

Denver Ghost

Both before and after its incorporation as a city in 1861, Denver has seen a storied history including strife and tragedy. Where there is tragedy, there are usually restless spirits! Certainly that is the case with Denver, well known as one of Colorado’s most haunted cities.

If you are in the mood to do some ghost hunting you have plenty of choices in Denver. The Legends of America website lists a host of haunted options. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Haunted Eateries

Everyone needs to eat, so why not eat at a haunted restaurant?

  • Buckhorn Exchange: Denver’s oldest eatery began as a trading post back in 1893. Restless spirits abound here, with ghostly voices and footsteps and tables that sometimes seem to move on their own.
  • Josephina’s Italian Restaurant: This establishment was host to a speakeasy during the era of Prohibition. The speakeasy owner’s wife, Amelia, is reputedly still roaming there. Glimpses are sometimes caught of her, and unexplained things happen on a regular basis.

Public Places

  • The Denver Public Library is host to a ghostly resident in their basement that has actually caused the security guards to patrol that area in teams of two.
  • Cheesman Park: This 80 acre park was built over a dilapidated cemetery filled with the poor, outlaws, and other undesirables. Now it is said that a multitude of restless spirits still roam the site of their graves and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • The Molly Brown Museum: The one-time residence of the unsinkable Molly Brown is now reputed to be the home of several ghosts. These restless ones include her husband, J.J. Brown, an unhappy butler, and surprisingly enough, Molly’s favored cat.


  • Brown Palace Hotel: There are tales of many ghosts here, one is of a ghostly waiter often found riding the service elevator.
  • Hotel Teatro: A mysterious “tool man” roams the halls here.
  • Lumber Baron Inn: Now an upscale bed and breakfast, this Inn is rumored to be home to a murdered teenage girl who can, on occasion, still be glimpsed. She is also believed to be the source of some strange paranormal activity there.
  • Oxford Hotel: The spirit of an unfaithful woman, murdered by her husband in Room 320 upon the discovery of her affair, sometimes appears to guests in this room.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the ghost hunting opportunities that abound in Denver. There simply isn’t room here to list them all. If you want a little added security for your ghost hunts, why not book a tour? You’ll get to hear the tales of the spirits as well as have the added safety of numbers.

Of course, tackling ghost hunting is a scary business for those easily frightened. Why not boost your confidence first by trying out EscapeWorks? If you can escape one of our puzzle rooms, your confidence will be at an all-time high. Perfect for readying yourself for a day or night of hunting ghosts. Contact us for more information or to schedule a room.


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