October 17

EscapeWorks Denver Provides a Thrilling Alternative to a Haunted House

A Thrilling Alternative To A Haunted House

October is here, and as fall settles in, Halloween costumes begin filling up the store aisles. The neighbors start putting out jack-o-lanterns, and your friends are already talking about haunted houses. You want an experience that is intense, that forces you to the edge, and leaves you and a group of friends thrilled and excited.

But what if you are tired of the same places you visit every year? That zombie makeup might look scary in the dark, but sometimes it just feels worn out. Maybe that haunted house is a little too much like the candy corn after all; a little bit old, and the same year after year. What might pique your interest is an activity that challenges your wits, your stamina, and your resolve. Try a thrilling alternative to a haunted house this year with a trip to EscapeWorks Denver.

In EscapeWorks Denver’s puzzle rooms, you and a small group of other adventurers are immediately set into one of three fascinating scenarios, and asked to find a way out. Your logic and skills are tested, as you and your friends try to work through the hints, clues, and codes that lead you one step closer to escape.

Once inside, you will have sixty minutes to find out how to leave. Will you be fleeing an ancient Egyptian Tomb while discovering the fate of its previous explorer? Perhaps you are trying to break out of a locked football coach’s office, just minutes before the Big Game? Maybe your problem is not how to get out, but how to get in when you and a group of like-minded criminals try to pull off a Casino Heist. Part of the fun of Halloween is dressing and acting as someone you are not. These escape rooms allow you to do just that. Here at Escape Works, you do not just look different, but the room settings and themes place you into a new world. Your job is to see through the puzzles, and lead your team to success before the clock hits sixty minutes. At best, a haunted house just frightens you. A trip to one of these escape rooms encourages you to take a crucial role in the action.

These puzzle rooms are perfect for children aged fifteen and older, so parents with older teens, college-aged groups, young adults, a girls’ night out party, and even grandma and grandpa will all find plenty to keep their attentions focused and their wits on edge. This Halloween, instead of stumbling around in the dark trying to escape from another house full of bad lighting and one more man wearing a hockey mask, get a group of your friends and family members together to book an escape room.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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