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Escape Room Tips From Our Game Masters

Escape Colorado's Top Escape Room Tips

5 Escape Room Tips From Our Game Masters

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced player, every escape room is different and challenging; that’s what makes them addictive! Any experienced player will have their own escape room tips and methods, but here are some of our personal favorites. From our Game Masters to you.


  • Communicate

    To start, communication is easily the most important rule when doing an escape room. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with friends and family or complete strangers! No idea is a bad idea (unless it involves breaking something or climbing into the ceiling…) Try everything you can within the parameters you are given, but try not to overthink it! If it doesn’t work, at least you can say you went down with a fight. Don’t forget to mention when you’ve opened something or received a hint, too! We encourage shouting to each other. It’s an escape room, not a library! Don’t be afraid to seek help from your fellow players either.


  • Divide and Conquer

    Escape rooms can seem a little overwhelming at first; you’re put into a room slam-packed with riddles and puzzles and are only given an hour to get through it all. Luckily, you’re not alone! You’ve got your friends- possibly even some new friends- to help you. Utilize your group’s size and split up to cover as much ground as possible. Everyone thinks a little differently and will have their own ideas and tactics- if you can’t solve it, maybe someone else in the group can! Not all rooms will have a non-linear play style to them, but at the very least it’s best to split up and search for clues or solutions! 


  • Listen to your Game Master

    Thirdly, as your game masters, we are in control of your fate for the next hour.  (Mwahahahaha.) While we monitor your room to maintain safety and ensure rules are being followed, we are also there to provide help when prompted and make sure everyone has a good time! We know these rooms like the back of our hands and have plenty of escape room tips to get through them. 


  • Linear vs. Nonlinear

    Next, no escape room is the exact same– every room has a different atmosphere, puzzles, and even play style. The biggest difference from one room to another is whether it is linear or nonlinear! Linear rooms have puzzles that must be done in order- one thing will lead you to the next and so on! Nonlinear rooms will have puzzles or some puzzles that can be done in any order. This is when that divide and conquer tip can come in handy! Knowing what kind of room you are playing before you go into it can serve as a huge benefit to the team. 


  • Organization

    Things can get crazy fast when doing an escape room. Because of this, we recommend doing your best to stay organized! Leave props and clues in a place everyone can see and access easily- once you’ve used an item, set it to the side so that nobody confuses it for something that hasn’t been used yet (you may need to use some props or clues more than once, so be wary of this! This is another thing you can ask your game master before your room begins). The last thing you want to do is romp through the room and leave a trail of discarded pieces in your wake! There’s nothing worse than needing a clue you’ve misplaced, or a prop your friend has been carrying since they found it. 

Thanks for reading! You’ve earned yourself a bonus tip…

  • Have Fun

    Lastly, have a good time! Remember, an escape room isn’t only about the escape- it’s about the experience that comes with it! We know this technically qualifies as the sixth of our escape room tips but it’s easily one of the most important ones. You’re being given an hour to let loose, relax, and have fun solving puzzles! Work your brain and allow yourself to step away from the daily stressors and duties. Bring friends, family, or even make some new friends by going alone!


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