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Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Try an Escape Room

Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Try an Escape Room

Even though everyone’s favorite celebrities and influencers have praised escape rooms for being a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends, some people are still skeptical. There are five main reasons why people won’t try an escape room, but we’re here to debunk them so you can finally pay one a visit.

People May Be Claustrophobic

One of the most popular reasons people won’t try an escape room is because they have a fear of being in small, confined spaces. They believe an escape room is a single room measuring out to have 10×10 dimensions, which would be uncomfortable for anyone, especially those who are claustrophobic. However, this is just a common misconception. While some escape rooms have tight quarters, most are the size of a typical conference room, with plenty of space for everyone to be comfortable.

Escape Rooms Can Be Scary

Some people are intimidated by escape rooms, but not only because of the previously mentioned fear of tight spaces. Some escape rooms are designed with a horror or terror theme, and these are meant to be scary. But most escape rooms are not! The vast majority of facilities are clean,organized, and not scary at all. The hectic portion only comes into play after you get into the flow of the room!

Not Worth Your Time

When presented with the opportunity to go to an escape room, some people won’t try one because they think it’s just not worth their time. Whether they believe all escape rooms are poor quality or there’s no point to them, both reasons couldn’t be further from the truth. Escape rooms are where you can bond with people and improve yourself. There’s much to learn when you’re in an escape room, so they’re always worth a shot.

Too Costly to Try

A common reservation people have when it comes to trying an escape room is the cost of actually going to one. Not everyone is able to spend a considerable amount of money on one outing or activity, and that’s more than understandable. However, if one facility’s rate is out of your price range, there’s always another option in your city with a more reasonable price. If the second price isn’t enough, some facilities have “promotions” or coupons you can find on their websites or Groupon. Price tags don’t have to stop you from having fun with your friends and family!

Escape Rooms are Too Complicated

Some people are immediately defeated when they think about escape rooms simply because they don’t think they’d be able to figure them out. Most actually understand those feelings and have adjusted accordingly, designing simplified rooms for beginners or casual attendees. The most important thing to realize when it comes to escape rooms, there’s nothing to be afraid of or intimidated by; they’re simply a way for you and your friends to have fun.

There’s really no reason for anyone to avoid trying an escape room. At EscapeWorks Denver, we have large, clean rooms at an affordable price, with no horror or terror-themed rooms. And our Game Masters are there to help you if you get stuck! We are all about making sure everyone has a great time. View our different escape rooms and success rates before booking, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!


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