September 26

TopGolf Centennial, The Perfect Escape Room After-Party

TopGolf Centenial

Escape rooms are an exciting, mysterious, and unique way to bring people together and give them a sense of adventure for a small amount of time. But no one wants to spend such a short amount of time with his or her close friends, and no one wants to step from the thrill of an escape room to a plain old restaurant or movie. So, what’s another place where you can transition seamlessly out of the escape room intensity, maintain a competitive spirit, and continue creating great memories with your squad? TopGolf is everything you’ve been looking for and more. For those in the Denver area, TopGolf is just a quick trip south on Route 25 to Centennial.

What Is It?

Much like escape rooms, the hype around the TopGolf franchise is spreading like wildfire. But there are still some people to whom the concept is alien. What is it and what do you do there? At TopGolf, they take the sport of golf to another level… literally. There are three stories of heated bays for players to swing from, and the golf balls you hit are assigned to you and tracked using microchip technology to measure the distance they go and track where they land. Uniquely designed and colored targets cover the “green” and are even visible at night, making TopGolf an all-day, all-weather experience for year-round enjoyment.

What Do You Do?

For those who aren’t usually fans of just practicing your swing at a driving range, TopGolf has come up with a variety of games to play and compete against other members of your group. They range from distance to accuracy competitions and have different systems of play and scoring to appeal to any skill level. Less experienced golfers can get lessons from professional coaches, and people of all ages are invited to plan parties at TopGolf.

Obviously, you wouldn’t spend all day and all night at TopGolf, just like you can’t spend the whole day in an escape room. But it just so happens that the go hand-in-hand flawlessly. After the intensity and excitement of an escape room, your group will need time to decompress and relax, but sometimes going to the various eateries or bars near EscapeWorks is still stressful because they’re right in the center of downtown Denver. That’s where Topgolf comes in. You can still have fun, relax, and talk over your escape room experience, all while being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

If you’re in the Denver area, you can pair EscapeWorks Denver and its exhilarating adventures with the mellow competition of Topgolf Centennial for a well-rounded day trip chock full of memories to be made.

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