February 22

Unforgettable Date Ideas Denver!

Ever had trouble planning that perfect date to impress someone? Does the traditional “dinner and a movie” date night just sound incredibly boring? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to tell your date to dress comfortable for a night of exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb! It’s entirely possible because EscapeWorks has some great date ideas Denver!

An equally unforgettable experience to take a date on would be to have him, or her, become your co-conspirator in a night of high-stakes crime. Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Inform your date that they are in for the thrill of a lifetime as the two of you get together to knock off a casino. Find out just how daring a duo the two of you are!

And, for a pair of sports fans, there could be no greater satisfaction than rescuing a star quarterback who is in dire need of a hero. Tell your date to dress in a favorite game jersey, because the two of you have to put together a winning team effort to get a pro-football player back on the gridiron in time for kick-off.

When your partner is sufficiently interested and excited, don’t forget to mention that it is perfectly acceptable to lock your date up in a room for the night. Before there is time for the reaction of a quick call to law enforcement to file stalking charges, mention EscapeWorks Denver. Explain that escape rooms are the newest in entertainment, full of puzzles and clues that must be solved within 60 minutes in order to make your escape.

Once your paramour has realized that you are not intent on a kidnapping caper, the two of you can put your heads together and decide which room holds the most intriguing delight:

  • Egyptian Tomb – for the exploring spirit who wants to discover the reason an archaeologist vanished.
  • The Big Game – Denver’s favorite quarterback has been locked in the coach’s office and you must help him escape so he can lead his team to victory.
  • Casino Heist – A dirty double-cross has puzzle solvers scrambling to escape the casino vault before the cops arrive.

To book a room, contact us. We have the perfect date night escape waiting for you.


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