January 30

Unique Denver Date Ideas

Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been married for 25 years, it’s always fun to experience new things with a love interest. Our list of Denver date ideas features a variety of activities that you should try at least once, and chances are you’ll find a new favorite hobby.

Play classic arcade games at classic prices and enjoy any of fourteen beers on tap at 1up in the LoDo neighborhood. You can also play a giant game of Jenga or Skee-ball. The kitchen serves up wings, burgers, and appetizers. When you run out of quarters, go to the Retro Room Lounge which is just a few blocks away. Try the popular Pickle Shot and then get a chair massage for $1 a minute.

It doesn’t seem like going to see a movie is very unique, but go to the Mayan Theatre and you’ll see why we’ve listed it. The historic Mayan was built in 1930 and was almost demolished in the 80s. Now the renovated theater features comfortable reclining seats (in one of the three screening rooms) and a bar.

Instead of eating at your usual date night restaurant, cook a meal together at Cook Street. They have one-night classes where you can choose cuisines from Spain, France, North Africa, Italy, and more. There are also several date night classes. The best part is that for your next date you can show off your new cooking skills by recreating the meal in your own home.

Punch Bowl Social is the place to be for old school fun: bowling, darts, marbles, ping pong, vintage arcade games, and shuffle board. They even have private karaoke rooms available which are perfect for a group date. The menu from their gastro-diner features burgers, soups, salads, bar food, and more. On weekends they serve brunch. Many of their ingredients are locally sourced, so you can feel good about what you eat. You might have so much fun you’ll spend all day here.

Sure it’s cold outside, but you’ll definitely keep warm as you ice skate on the frozen Evergreen Lake. Skates up to size 14 are available for rental. After you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Tin Star Cafe’ for some famous BBQ and doughnuts. They were featured on the Food Network’s “Outrageous Food Ring of Fire.”

If you like to solve puzzles or just want to see how your date holds up under pressure, check out EscapeWorks Denver. You will be “locked in” one of three rooms containing up to 8 people and given clues that you have to solve to unlock the door. You only have an hour to figure out how to escape; if you’re successful, you win a T-shirt. This is quite a challenge; only 60-80% of people make it out in time.

There’s no doubt about it, there are plenty of fun things to do in this area. Hopefully you enjoy some of our unique Denver date ideas.

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