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Unique Indoor Activities to Enjoy This Season

Unique Indoor Activities to Enjoy This Season

If the prospect of spending your entire winter break in close, cozy quarters with your family has you feeling more frantic than festive, you may be looking for some fun ventures to break up the monotony. Fortunately, the Mile High City has no shortage of winter entertainment, even for those who aren’t fans of snow, wind, or cold air. Read on to learn more about some ways to incorporate some challenging, family-friendly fun into your winter routine, all without leaving the comfort of a climate-controlled environment.

EscapeWorks Denver’s Themed Escape Rooms

For families who tend to go stir-crazy when cooped up indoors, a themed escape room can be a great way to release this pent-up tension while working together as a cooperative, rather than bickering or engaging in a turf war at home.

These escape rooms present a series of puzzles and clues to be deciphered, and require teams of between 2 and 12 members to solve these mysteries while a 60-minute timer counts down. The puzzles will eventually reveal a key that allows your group to escape—but can you beat the clock while doing so?

With room themes ranging from the scientist-themed Outbreak to the classic Mafia vibe of Behind the Flower Shop, there’s a room for just about every interest and skill set. Not only can this provide a fun diversion for anyone looking to break up the home-for-the-holidays monotony, it can help improve communication among friends and family members and give you some excellent conversation fodder for future holiday gatherings.

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Physical Activity with Indoor Rock Climbing

Denver is world-famous for its outdoor climbing, skiing, and snowboarding offerings, but also boasts some indoor rock climbing gyms that can provide you with a great workout without requiring you to suit up in cold-weather gear. These gyms have offerings for just about all ages and skill levels, from veteran climbers to those who are just getting started.

Rock climbing can give you a much different—and, often, more beneficial—workout than other types of exercise. By working some muscles you may not often utilize while requiring you to keep your torso, or “core,” engaged at all times to avoid falling, you’ll be able to work multiple muscle groups to build strength, burn calories, and improve balance and posture.

Rock climbing can also be entertaining, giving you the opportunity to try (and, at times, fail) without ever putting yourself at physical risk. The safety measures used, from strong harnesses to rope-and-pulley systems that will lower you to the floor gently if you lose grip, can help you push your limits without fear.

Whether you’re in the mood for a climbing adventure or would rather hone your puzzle-solving skills, Denver has plenty to offer thrill-seekers of all ages.

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