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What is a Puzzle Room?

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There’s a lot of buzz about escape rooms right now. It seems like everyone and their brother is trying one, and they’re all over social media. So what are they? What’s the purpose of a puzzle room, and why would someone try one? We understand the confusion and questions. Puzzle rooms seem to have come out of nowhere and taken over the entertainment segment. While not all escape or puzzle rooms are the same, most have a similar goal and concept. EscapeWorks Denver provides an experience unique to the puzzle room world, and while we would love for you to jump right in and pay us a visit, we understand you might want some general knowledge of what we do.

So… What are they again?

Puzzle rooms, or escape rooms are essentially a giant puzzle. You enter a room after selecting the theme you find most interesting, and attempt to solve the mission set before you in order to escape the room. An assortment of challenges and obstacles are set in your path and may lead to secret rooms, passages, and more clues that could bring you to victory. There’s a time limit on each room, so you must work quickly! On the bright side, you can bring a group to help you figure out each clue the room throws at you. Friends, families, and even teams of coworkers or athletes benefit from EscapeWorks. All types of groups enjoy participating in a bonding activity like nothing else they’ve ever experienced.

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Who goes to a puzzle room?

You don’t have to be a genius to enjoy a puzzle room. Every room has qualities that everyone can enjoy, no matter what your tastes are. If you have a craving for adventure, we have the blood-pumping excitement you’re searching for. If you dream of being a master detective, step up to the plate and try solving our intricate riddles and puzzles. Or, if you have an itch to test your own mental capacities and boundaries, an escape room is your brain gym. Bring your friends, a group of family members, your significant other, or any type of 12 member crew and we’ll provide you with an incredible experience.

Why do people go?

Many people find themselves wanting to go to puzzle rooms again and again, and there are so many reasons why our customers always come back for more. Not only are our rooms uniquely challenging and exciting, but they’re the perfect setting for people to find a creative outlet to improve their critical thinking skills and deepen relationships with team members and friends. You’ll be surprised how a puzzle room creates a setting to work out the kinks in your communication skills and discover qualities in yourself and your friends you haven’t seen before. Everyone has a reason to enjoy a puzzle room, and we have just the room to meet your needs.

So now you know what puzzle rooms are and why they’ve become so popular. The only remaining question is, “When can I try one out?” We’ve got you covered there too. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing!

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