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What To Do For Team Building In Denver

Gourmet Spoon

Team building is a critical part of success when working with groups. The more confident your team is in their abilities, both individually and as a whole, the better your group will perform. Each group has a unique dynamic, this relationship will help you determine the right team building activity for your needs. Teamwork is a lesson taught in a variety ways. Denver’s fun, open-minded atmosphere leaves your group with a plethora of options to select from. Next time you’re wondering what to do in Denver for team building, consider these great activities.

The Genesee Experiential Outdoor Center (GEOC) – Nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Genesee Mountain Park, the GEOC offers groups an impressive high-adventure, ropes course. This high adventure ropes course will challenge your team both physically and mentally. This is a great team building activity for sports teams, as well as school groups. They also offer less intense activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping and even nature walks. They have a variety of options to select from, including a few hours of activities and even a full weekend retreat.

EscapeWorks Denver – These mysterious, puzzle rooms offer groups the opportunity to really put their mind to the test. The group is locked in a room with only one way out. The escape route can only be found by piecing together a complicated series of clues. The moment the door shuts, the game commences and your group only has 60 minutes to escape. This is a great environment to learn how to work together and adapt in the midst of a difficult situation. EscapeWorks Denver’s puzzle rooms are an exciting and thought-provoking way to achieve successful team bonding. It is a unique opportunity for both businesses and other groups to discover the benefit of teamwork in a fun environment.

X-Arena – Similar to Genesee Experiential Outdoor Center, X-Arena offers groups an adventurous take on team building. The fact that it is indoors, means it’s an available option year-round. The frigid winter months can’t stop your group from developing as a team. It offers your group the opportunity to push their limits physically, as well as mentally. This is a good option for businesses and schools interested in strengthening their team’s bond.

The Gourmet Spoon – Nothing says teamwork like gourmet, delicious food! This team building activity is one that we recommend for mature individuals, such as corporate groups. While it is a lot less physical, you’d be surprised at how good cooking can bring a group together. It’s also a great way to discover that everyone has a unique flair to add to the beauty of the group.

Team building is the perfect means to bring your group together! It’s great for sports teams, businesses, friend groups and even families who desire to strengthen their bond. There are many opportunities out there, the key is discovering the team building activity that fits your group’s unique needs! For more information on what to do for team building in Denver, please feel free to contact us at EscapeWorks!


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