March 10

What to do in Denver — Go on an Adventure!

So you find yourself wondering what to do while in Denver. There have to be some interesting activities in a large city. You could look up the best restaurant in the area or take a tour of the state capitol. But everyone does that. How about coming back from your trip with the best story ever — the one that people will tell their friends and their friends’ friends after you relay the epic tale? In order to get that kind of story, you need to go on an adventure.

Denver has many adventures waiting for you to encounter. Here are a few options for those who are expert adventurers or newbies testing their feet in the water.

Denver Adventures – For those who are looking to explore the natural beauty offered around Denver but in a unique fashion, Denver Adventures has what you are looking for. They have everything from zip lines to white water rafting and mountain bike rides. Only thirty minutes away from Denver, their 1000 plus feet of zip lines are sure to give you a thrill as you zoom along at up to 60 mph.

Evolve Action Sports Park – For those of you who prefer more contained adventures, Evolve Action Sports Park has a more urban outlook on options for what to do in Denver. They have 13,500 square feet of indoor skate park available for anything with wheels. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades are welcome. They even have classes on site if you are interested in trying out the ramps but do not know how to skate.

Denver Cruiser Ride – This one is a seasonal adventure but if you happen to be in Denver during the summer, definitely look this group up. Every Wednesday during the summer, a group of cyclist get together to go on a crawl through downtown. Like most crawls, they do go from pub to pub. However, the crazy thing about this group is their themed rides. Yes, themed. They dress up in costumes based on the theme of the week. And for those of you who have had issues with bike riders before, this group is serious about safety. They have a 10 commandments style rule set posted on their site that includes things like red light means stop, drink responsibly, give the right of way to the vehicle that can squish you and don’t litter.

EscapeWorks – For those who choose to find their adventures indoors, EscapeWorks has what you need to do in Denver. This adventure is an escape game. You and anywhere from 1 to 7 partners in crime need to find your way out of a locked room. There isn’t an actual lock on the doors, so no Houdini tricks needed. Instead, EscapeWorks provides three rooms, each with an interactive story for your escape needs. Are you an archeologist who has found their way into an uncharted tomb? Or a master thief whose heist has gone wrong? You will need to use the clues provided to solve puzzles that will eventually lead you out of the situation. But you only have 60 minutes to do it. Can you escape?

If you are looking for a unique adventure for an amazing vacation story, Denver definitely has many options to satisfy. For more information on your next adventure, contact us!


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Denver, CO

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