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What to Expect With an Escape Room

What to Expect With an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an increasingly popular source of entertainment. If you have never tried one, we hope to pique your interest by describing the experience.

After purchasing a ticket to the room of your choice, you will be locked in the room with one hour to solve the puzzle and discover the way out. In the past, escape rooms were hard to find and displayed low-budget effects. EscapeWorks Denver prides themselves on the challenge of their rooms and their intense atmosphere. Escape rooms are built for team work, whether you decide to bring your friends, family, coworkers, or your date. Keep in mind, we can describe our rooms, but these descriptions are by no means close to the thrilling experience of entering one—or the excitement of escaping.

Escape Room Scenarios

Depending on what room you choose, you might be trapped in an ancient tomb or transported into the climax of a bank robbery. With each room you enter, you will be provided with the context of the situation, but not the route to escape. Once you step into the room with your company of choice, you will be given a starting place and a time limit. In order to escape, you will need to follow the clues you are given and race against the clock before it is too late.

Different Rooms, Different Experiences

It is not common to find your way to victory during your first escape attempt, although it is possible. If you succeed, there are more challenges for you to try on a return trip. We encourage you to try again or enter a new scenario. Learn more about our three current rooms, and don’t forget we have two new exciting rooms coming soon.

Escape rooms are immersive activities that will provide excitement, challenge, and teamwork. Don’t feel stressed to plan the perfect night out with friends. Bring your group into EscapeWorks and grab dinner after to talk about your grand adventure. If you escape victoriously, you will all receive a prize in the form of a T-shirt and a photo to commemorate your feat. To learn more about how to book an escape room or what to expect when you visit, contact us today.


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