August 31

Who to Select for Your Record Breaking Team?

Who to bring to an escape room

Some people go to escape rooms for unique, laid back fun, some people come on a mission to “beat” the room in record time. For the latter group, which most likely includes you if you actively sought out this advice, there’s a few baseline dos and don’ts for choosing the members of your team. Even though anyone can visit and enjoy an escape room, A record-breaking team requires a bit of careful thought and planning!


The First Date

It’s a nice thought, and in theory, it’d be a good way to see how you work together and communicate under pressure. But when you’re in it to win it? Not a chance. There’s already a tremendous amount of tension and pressure surrounding the first date, and an escape room thrown in the mix would make for a wild amount of stress. Not only that but if you want to be crowned champion of the room, you need to have impeccable communication going into it.

The Wild Friend

Listen, we all love that one goofy, energetic, never-takes-things-seriously friend. They may or may not be mildly intoxicated and great at making everyone keel over in laughter, and that’s all good and fun. However, the task at hand requires focus. Whereas escape rooms are exciting and fun, the group needs to work as a collective unit, and distractions should be minimized when you’re battling for the best escape time. Disclaimer: if you’re going just for kicks, this friend is going to be the BEST way for your team to have a great time.


The Smarty Pants

This may be an obvious answer, but worth mentioning anyway. You’re going to a place that tests your wits and challenges your mental agility. If your team is going to come out on top, you’re going to need to fill it with intelligent, creative people with a gift for critical thinking and communication. Gather the greatest minds of your circle together to conquer the mental battlefield of an escape room.

A Well-Rounded Group

Just because you don’t have a group of smarty-pants doesn’t mean you’re stuck, there are different forms of “smarts”.  A creative, artistic mind is incredibly different from a numerically inclined, logic based mind. When you’re facing an escape room, you’re going to need all your bases covered by including as many diverse ways of thinking as possible. The puzzles you will encounter will test your brain in ways it may not have been challenged before. Including people who think differently than you will create an appreciation for other kinds of intelligence, but also help you grow in those areas as well.

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