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EscapeWorks Denver: The Positive Effects of Challenging Your Brain

The Positive Effects of Challenging Your Brain

Challenging your brain and keeping cognitive skills sharp is an important component of overall mental health. One simple way to positively challenge your brain is to work on growing these vital problem-solving skills. Have you ever considered an escape room as a positive mental challenge? At EscapeWorks Denver, you and a group of friends, family, coworkers, and even your date can experience first-hand escape scenarios. Enter into the locked room of your choice, and let the puzzle and adventure begin. Do you have the skills to escape in time? Read our tips on the benefits of daily brain challenges below.

What Are the Benefits of Challenging Your Brain?

  • It improves memory and retention: As you accomplish tasks and flood your brain with new information, it actually expands your memory capacity. Studies show that people who routinely exercise their brain have a better memory.
  • It helps to prevent and reduce mental decline: While cognitive decline may be inevitable for most people, regular brain training can help to slow this decline. Research displays that brain training can slow cognitive mental decline and overall brain function. Even with as little as ten hours a year, we can see a positive correlation.
  • It boosts your overall mental capacity: Performing problem-solving challenges helps to boost the connectivity between your neurons and brain cells, which allows them to respond not only faster, but more effectively as well. Exercising the brain increases its neuroplasticity, which helps it to grow and ultimately slow its deterioration.

Activities to Challenge Your Mind Daily

  • Simple math: Completing simple math problems from memory without the aid of a calculator can not only improve your calculating skills, but will also train your brain to recall these skills for longer. Activities like this keeps the neurons in your brain engaged.
  • Perform more hand-eye coordination tasks: Utilize fine motor skills during hobbies and tasks, such as puzzles or knitting.
  • Take up a foreign language: Active listening can help to increase brain function. When your ears hear a foreign language, your brain begins working to decipher what it is hearing. Your mind will begin to store new words in your long-term memory for retrieval later.
  • Entertainment/games: Challenging your brain with games and activities keeps your mind constantly engaged. Try new activities or increasing the difficulty occasionally.

If you are looking for a fun activity to exercise your skills with a group of friends, test your abilities in one of the themed escape rooms at Escapeworks Denver. These rooms provide timed activities, such as puzzles, clues, and ciphers, to utilize your cognitive skills and reach the ultimate goal, escape. For more information, or to schedule your next challenge, contact EscapeWorks Denver today.


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