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Why Escape Rooms Continue to Grow in Popularity

Why Escape Rooms Continue to Grow in Popularity

For the past five or so years, escape rooms have grown in popularity at a remarkable rate. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. To people who haven’t tried a puzzle room yet, this may be perplexing or confusing. For those who have tried escape rooms, however, there’s no mystery. Escape rooms have a big reputation to live up to, and they know how to deliver. Here are a few reasons why the popularity of escape rooms continues to grow.

Escape Rooms and Your Brain

The science behind escape rooms is thoroughly intriguing, and it plays a major role in the popularization of the activity. While certain phone apps train and exercise different facets of your mind, puzzle rooms test multiple mental skills at once, making them an asset for people looking for a worthwhile hobby. In an escape room, the fast pace and reliance on teamwork keep your mind constantly active, so everyone has a chance to train their brains. From critical thinking and communication skills to stress management, escape rooms put people to the test, which is one reason they’ve steadily increased in popularity since their inception.

The Growing Variety of Escape Rooms

The key to the tremendous growth of escape rooms is that escape facilities are constantly evolving and changing. To put the spotlight on one city in particular, Denver has an incredibly diverse array of escape rooms that allows everyone to find their niche and do what makes them most excited. For example, the rooms at EscapeWorks Denver feature immersive, classic themes that focus on utilizing teamwork and cooperation. Become a team of archeologists in an Egyptian tomb, pull off a casino heist with your crew, or protect your team from a deadly virus before time runs out.  No matter which room you choose, there’s something for everyone. Escape rooms are an activity that will delight even the most diverse group.

Praised by Your Favorite Celebrities

Undoubtedly, a huge factor in the continued growth of escape rooms is the free PR they’ve received from celebrities and influencers on social media. A few years ago, Chrissy Teigen, the queen of Twitter, pledged her allegiance to escape rooms and posted about her affection for them all over social media. More recently, YouTube stars James Charles and Zane Hadid have posted videos of their adventures in escape rooms and have proclaimed their love for escape rooms as well. When celebrities and influences catch on to a trend, it doesn’t take long for their follows to see if the hype is true. In the case of escape rooms, the experience exceeded their expectations.  

Experience an Escape Room for Yourself

Whether the hype started because of celebrities, word of mouth, or some other form of “science,” escape rooms continue to live up to the standards set before them. If you want to experience an escape room for yourself, now is the time to visit EscapeWorks! Before booking, explore the exciting rooms available and find out why escape rooms are here to stay. We promise you won’t regret it. 


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