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School is almost out, warm weather is in, and summer is frapidly approaching. Now you can go outside and soak up some rays after a long winter and lots of screen time. You’re lucky to live in or near the Mile High City and have access to gorgeous scenery and adventure at every turn. But what if you need a break from the sun? What can you do when it gets a little too hot, but you don’t want to plop down in front of the TV? An escape room is a perfect summer activity to savor the excitement of the season when the weather becomes tough to handle. EscapeWorks Denver is your source of excitement while still enjoying the beauty of air conditioning.

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Escape the Heat

Summertime is for being active and enjoying the warm weather after a long, freezing winter. However, the heat can sometimes get to the best of us. After a long day of being outside, or even if you simply want a change of pace to experience something new, EscapeWorks Denver is your go-to spot. Spend an hour in an escape room to cool off and discover a new world in one of our five escape rooms. EscapeWorks is the ideal summer activity for people with a sense of adventure who want a break from the outdoors.

Out-of-School Studying

When you’re a student, the most frustrating thing to deal with is the “summer lag” you have when jumping into the new school year. You know, the feeling of your brain being rusty when you’re transitioning back into your studies? EscapeWorks Denver helps keep your mental assets in tip-top shape without hitting the books. An escape room is the summer activity to test your problem solving and critical thinking skills, while still being a fun form of entertainment for you and your friends all summer long.


You’re already fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Denver, surrounded by mountains and hiking trails, perfect for soaking up the sun. There are so many venues for sightseeing and experiencing all of what the Mile High City has to offer right by EscapeWorks. Make an escape room the focal point of your day full of adventure and excitement while exploring parts of Denver you haven’t seen before. The Mile High city has so much to offer, from comedy clubs to classic diners to trendy hot-spots, the options are endless. EscapeWorks Denver is nestled in the heart of the city so no matter what stop we are on your adventure, we are easy to find and close by!

We all know that summers in Denver are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whether you have a penchant for brain teasers, or you’re planning a night on the town, EscapeWorks Denver is the perfect summer activity. For an adventure you’ll never forget, book a time slot in one of our five escape rooms. With EscapeWorks on the agenda, this will be your best summer yet!

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