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5 Reasons Escape Rooms Make Great Team Building Events

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Selecting a team building event for your office crew can often be a challenge. Even in niche industries, coworkers often have wildly divergent interests. Corralling a mix of introverts and extroverts to work together in a non-work environment can often feel like work itself.

However, few things can bring a group together better than an unsolved mystery. Plus, holding your team building outing at an “escape room” can be a unique way to break the ice and help your employees get to know each other a bit more closely. Read on for the top five reasons EscapeWorks Denver makes a great team building event, providing an entertaining, memorable, and effective outing for your group.

It Works Best with a Range of Interests and Talents

EscapeWorks‘ varied rooms all have one thing in common: they are designed to be best solved by a team of individuals from all walks of life and with many different skills. These rooms may require you to solve a complex math problem to unlock a new clue, search in the dark for a lost key, or flip through old books for a lost handwritten letter in order to make your escape.

Having those with administrative, financial, linguistic, and even engineering knowledge on your team is helpful! This can ensure a well-rounded effort that is certain to uncover even some of the most obscure clues.

It Helps Participants Appreciate Each Other

When employees work in close proximity to each other on a daily basis, the normal stresses and tensions of daily life can often be projected on their coworkers in frustration. Attending an EscapeWorks event can give your employees a new appreciation for their coworkers’ talents and special skills. Our events often help employees learn more about the people who sit within arm’s reach every day. Or, for remote employees who don’t spend as much time together as they used to, this is a great chance to spend some quality in-person time together.

A Variety of Skill Levels Are Available

If you or any of your employees are a bit nervous about tackling a complex puzzle, we have easier-to-solve rooms. EscapeWorks helpfully lists the skill levels next to each room. We also provide statistics on the number of groups who typically complete each room within the 60 minutes allotted. Our game masters can also level the playing field by making rooms of similar difficulty level. And remember, no one is actually locked in a room at EscapeWorks. Anyone can leave the room at any time without permission or assistance.

Watching the Clock Tick Adds Excitement

Often, one of the most challenging parts of a manager’s job can be getting uninterested employees to demonstrate a bit more enthusiasm for the work they’re doing. Solving an escape room can be just the ticket—even though your employees know they won’t face anything but the loss of bragging rights if they fail to solve their room within 60 minutes. The conspicuously ticking clock can light a fire under even the most unmotivated employees.

It Won’t Take up Your Entire Workday

When the 60 minutes is up, it’s up—whether your team succeeded or failed in escaping. This makes EscapeWorks the perfect morning or afternoon team-building activity, as your crew can enjoy a leisurely lunch out before or after solving an escape room puzzle – while still having a few hours left in the workday.

Don’t take our word for it!

CoBiz Magazine consistently ranks EscapeWorks as one of the best places for a Team Building Event, and Let’s Roam agrees! In addition, thousands of happy customers have written 5-star reviews of EscapeWorks, including these select few who came for team building events:

From Mallory: “What a great time! We went for a team builder and enjoyed doing the puzzles together to move forward in the room. Shores and Helen…really added to the atmosphere that is EscapeWorks Denver. Thanks guys!”

Chantel said, “It was a great activity for our team’s outing! …I would definitely consider doing it again as a team building, or a family activity.”

And from Alicia: “I visited EscapeWorks Denver with colleagues as part of a team-building day. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about my coworkers and had fun. …If you are considering EscapeWorks book tickets – you won’t be disappointed.”

So now that you’ve learned about it, what are you waiting for? Book your team building event now using our online scheduler, or email us for more information.


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