April 16

5 Denver Team Building Ideas

If you’ve got a group of employees you need to motivate, bring together, and build trust in, you are probably in the market for some unique Denver team building ideas. Rather than take the team to a traditional happy hour (or in addition!), consider these five team building ideas that are sure to not only have your team bonding, but excited and motivated, too:

A Comedy Club: There’s almost nothing more pleasurable than laughing, and great comedy is an activity everyone can’t help but enjoy. Taking your team to a local comedy club will be a fantastic way to enjoy an outing together and create memories you’ll all be able to discuss together far into the future. With an abundance of opportunities available in Denver for you to explore, you’ll be able to find the right venue for your team easily!

The 1Up: Take your team to an activity that offers fun competition and enjoyment: an arcade bar! The 1up in Denver offers tons of classic arcade games, pinball machines, classic Skee-Ball and multiple sets of Giant Jenga for your team to enjoy. Order up some classic bar food and drinks to complete the experience, and your team will be feeling their inner children come out to play in no time, for a true Denver team building option.

Denver Botanic Gardens: For a slightly more visual, and laid-back, approach, consider a group trip to the stunning Denver Botanic Gardens. There are multiple events and exhibits you could choose from to treat your team to; a culturally appealing and beautiful show would not only be a truly unique experience for your employees to enjoy together, but would provide your team with a bond to remember. For a simple-to-plan trip, you can’t go wrong simply taking a tour of the beautiful gardens, when the season permits.

Winery Tour: If your team is all over 21, consider visiting The Infinite Monkey Theorem to schedule a winery tour or tasting! Not only will your team get a special tour of the winery, learn about the process, and see the space, but you’ll also all get to taste 5 different types of wine. Your team will love unwinding together in this atmosphere. You may even come away with a favorite team wine for future events.

Escapeworks Denver: This option will be by far your most creative and adventurous. Consider taking the team to Escapeworks Denver for a Denver team building activity guaranteed to foster excitement, communication, and spirit within the group! Escapeworks will provide you with your personal “escape room” adventure: choose your customized escape room type (Egyptian tomb? Casino Heist?), and sort through ingenious puzzles, clues, and steps to find the secret codes needed to break out–and you have to solve the riddles in 60 minutes. Your team will find this activity both challenging and fun–and as you’re competing together, you’ll all be motivated to use each other’s strengths and communicate in a friendly, productive way.

For more information on Denver team building activities, and how to get started with yours today, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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