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Best Number of People to Bring into an Escape Room

Best Number of People to Bring into an Escape Room

First, let’s start off by saying yes, you can bring however many people you want into an escape room within the rules of the facility you go to. Usually, the limit per group is 6-12, and the minimum amount is 2, so you have some flexibility with your groupings. But if you’re going into an escape room to beat a record time or with a goal to escape quickly, there’s a sizing “sweet spot” proven to bring success. It’s a bit of a “Goldilocks” concept but strategizing your team and the number of people you bring into an escape room is pivotal to your victory.

Small Numbers of People

You may believe fewer people means increased focus and productivity, and in some situations, you’d right! But there’s a decent amount of ground to cover in an escape room and using only three people to take on several hidden rooms would be spreading your team too thin. You may not be able to get enough done by having too few people in the room with you, so you’d be shooting yourself in the foot.

Too Many People

If you’re bringing a big group of friends or a team to an escape room, the experience could be interesting to say the least. Just keep in mind you’re all stuck in a confined space together for an extended period of time, and while escape rooms are usually moderately spacious, a large number of people could be a problem. When you bring a group of nine or more into an escape room, you inhibit everyone’s ability to be efficient in performance and communication. Too many participants can add more chaos, therefore lessening the chance for success.

The Best Number for an Escape Room

Everything is better in moderation, and this rule is not lost on escape rooms. Designers plan their rooms to emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and communication, and if there’s too many or too few people. In order for those parts of an escape room to be utilized, you should bring a group of four to eight people. The middle ground will allow you to spread yourselves out equally, communicate without too much distraction, and focus on the task at hand. To figure out how to draft a record breaking team, view this recent posts for ideas.

As with almost anything, the best number of people to bring into an escape room is anything in moderation. Too many people cause to many distractions, and too few group members puts too much on the sparse participants. An escape room is fun no matter how many people are inside, but for the sake of productivity and efficiency, play Goldilocks and find the middle ground. Still not sure of the best way to go about doing an escape room? There’s tips, tricks, and advice at so you can learn how to make use of an escape room for you and your team or colleagues.


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