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Bonding Activities For Your Team!

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No matter what sport you play, after a week of exhausting practices and taxing games, you and your teammates deserve a break from it all. But there’s only so many at-home team dinners you can have before they become a bit stale. So where can you go to get a change of pace and still improve as a team? EscapeWorks Denver is the answer to your prayers and the solution to your problems. An escape room is a team-bonding destination where you can enhance your communication skills, critical thinking, and ability to promote unity while working against the clock. It’s one of the best things you can do for your team, and it’s definitely more enjoyable than conditioning practices.

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Talk It Out

We know you hear it constantly during practices, games, watching film, and in locker room strategy sessions: you need to communicate. Team bonding activities are the best way to refine that communication, and EscapeWorks goes above and beyond to help your team improve. On the court or the field, knowing how to talk to each other and what to say could change the outcome of the entire game. An escape room is the perfect place to practice that outside of your ususal training sessions. When you’re in the room together, you’re all working on different tasks, but you have the same goal. When you find a clue or solve a puzzle, figuring out how to communicate as a cohesive group will help you achieve the win in the escape room.

Boost Your Game-Smarts

Sometimes you need to train your brain instead of your biceps. Preparing your body to endure your game is a tough battle, but you still need to understand the sport and make good decisions under pressure. A high stress situation like an escape room is a great opportunity to practice those decision making skills. Finding clues and determining whether or not they will help or hinder your team is just one way to improve your critical thinking skills at EscapeWorks. When you’re done, you’ll have more experience under your belt and return to your coach a more intelligent team player.

Watch the Clock

Communicating and decision making are difficult to master by themselves, but practicing them both at the same time while under time constraints puts extra pressure on you and your team. Each of our 5 escape rooms has a sixty minute time limit, but don’t let that discourage you. The time limit will put your team-bonding opportunity into overdrive, and your team will walk away better because of it. Those sixty minutes are intensive training for your brain. Is your team up for the challenge?

Instead of hitting the weight room or simply having another team dinner, take your bonding night to new heights. EscapeWorks Denver is your destination for the brain training you need, whether you’re a pitcher, a goalie, or a point guard. Book an experience that will let you have fun as a team and put in work your coach will appreciate at the same time.

Groups of 12 or More



$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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