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Building Relationships On and Off the Job

Building Relationships On And Off The Job

Few companies have considered the challenges presented by an escape room as an option for team building. Here is where employees can show their true mettle, and prove how well they work together under pressure, but also have a tremendous amount of fun. When a team knows how to work in perfect synchrony, they can achieve almost anything.

Here are a few things that Berkeley says teamwork will accomplish:

  • Trust among team members
  • Respect for all members and their ideas
  • Commitment and accountability to plans
  • Driven to accomplishment by real leadership
  • Be focused on a common goal

By relying on each other for unique strengths and talents, a team obtains an incentive to reach their highest expectations.

Inside a Denver puzzle room, a corporation benefits by building trust and communication through groups of varying individuals. Plan a business retreat by giving your employees an opportunity to meet each other in a neutral setting. Have a designated team leader to show them how to pull together for an experience they’ll apply in all aspects of their careers. Watch inter-departmental relations rise with a new enthusiasm for a commitment to work together. The diversity of different personalities and mindsets benefit the entire exercise with abilities to pull together for a common goal.

According to an article by Chron Magazine, you want a team leader with skills that impress respect throughout the entire group. Let your administration take part in a Denver escape room and assist them by refreshing their skills in how to motivate synergy. They can build their leadership character when the players’ views and ideas are considered, and then help the team initiate a plan of action. A leader’s ability to organize and communicate with fairness and a complete focus toward a common goal will excel.

A Denver puzzle room is a fantastic experience for your staff to take an exciting adventure at a Casino where they have no choice but to band together. Maneuvering this escape room as a gang who are planning a heist, but they are sold out by the original leader to the police. It’s time for them to step up and foil the fouler. They have one hour to get to the vault first and get out before they get caught.

In another room, picture a team of at least eight people who are behind a locked door where they transcend into a world of archeology. They become world-renowned archaeologists looking for a lost colleague who disappeared. As they move forward with nothing but their wits, logic, and determination, you will see their situation develop. Their abilities will astound as they try to exit the room before the clock strikes.

Finally, send some football-loving guys and gals who desire to help their all-star quarterback escape from the locker room. The opposite team has locked them in, and they only have one hour before kickoff! Let them save the day, and thwart the other team’s plan by getting the quarterback to kick off on time and become the heroes of the season.

In a Denver puzzle room, your employees will get the maximum benefits of team building skills. After these great experiences, they’ll have more trust and commitment, respect and accountability. Integrity, leadership, and focus will give your co-workers new zeal. They will believe you to be the best, and you will never need to worry about employee retention again.

Contact EscapeWorks Denver today to plan the ultimate team building experience for the employees who will accept the challenge.


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