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Create a Corporate Event Your Team Will Love

Create a Corporate Event Your Team Will Love

With the combination of different personalities, passions, and professional interests that can be found within a corporate team, planning an event that works for everyone is often deceptively challenging. While some people are perfectly content to mix and mingle, others prefer an activity that furthers career skills and capabilities.

When you want to truly impress your department or facilitate the development of your company, the right activity can make all the difference. Here’s what you need to plan a corporate event that adds value for your team.

Focus on Team-Building

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional cocktail party, but a good corporate event should provide an opportunity to learn. While promoting professional growth is always a good thing, team-building should be a key focus of these occasions. With a rare chance to bring everyone together without looming deadlines, it’s critical that you find a way to encourage strong relationships, improve communications, and facilitate a better working environment.

Add an Element of Excitement

Who says work outings have to be boring? When you want to keep your team actively engaged (and awake!), an activity that adds a new twist to the clichéd corporate trust exercises and group sharing sessions can have a positive influence. Employees often benefit from lessons they learn through activities versus lectures, so create a plan that melds instruction with action to see best results.

Put Job Strengths to the Test

Every company, team, or department relies on a series of functions and abilities to get the job done right, from creativity and fast thinking to problem-solving and critical analysis. A good event will test these kinds of things, forcing team members to utilize their capabilities in varying settings. When pushed to apply skills in new ways, teams are more likely to bond, grow together, and develop a deeper level of trust among one another.

Why Escape Rooms Work

An escape room offers the perfect balance between adventure and exploration, providing a hands-on environment that will keep team members excited and involved. By giving participants only 60 minutes to reason their way out of a locked room using a series of clues, puzzles, and riddles, your employees will have the chance to utilize the skills they need on a daily basis in a fast-paced and heart-pounding setting. Whether they exceed your expectations by being among the select few who escape or simply spend time developing a comraderie, an hour spent in an escape room is worth a whole day anywhere else.

At EscapeWorks Denver, you can plan a corporate event specific to the results you wish to see from your team. Perfect for 2 to 12 participants at any skill level, our premier facility can help your company come together like never before. With fun themes like 1920s speakeasies, war games, and Egyptian tombs, you can find the right fit for everyone you employ. Our rooms are changing all the time, too, so there’s always something new in store.

Ready to see how effective your next corporate event can be? Contact EscapeWorks Denver today to learn more about group packages and pricing!


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