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Easy Office Party Ideas

Office Party Ideas

Office parties are a great way to break up the tediousness of the regular workday, but they’re not always executed very well, hence the classic office party faux-pas stories almost everyone has. But there’s a way to shake things up and ensure everyone has time to break from the everyday frustrations of the workplace. You can make office parties easy by taking your coworkers to EscapeWorks Denver, a place where everyone can be creative and find some adventure away from the usual setting. We’re accessible to anyone in or around Denver, and we can provide an experience you and your team are looking for.

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Creative Juices

Everyone appreciates a break from the monotony that is office work every once in a while. When the usual routine proves to be a bit of a downer, step away from the cubicles and into another world at EscapeWorks. Our escape rooms give everyone the chance to jump into another life and fully immerse themselves into unique stories and situations. There’s a room to peak everyone’s interest, whether you like Oceans’ Eleven style casino heists or Indiana Jones-esque Egyptian tomb mysteries. Everyone in the office will appreciate the chance to get creative and think outside the box.

Critical Thinking

Sometimes sitting at your desk and doing the same thing every day becomes exhaustingly habitual and can even decrease productivity. Stepping outside the office and away from the routine is a great way to boost morale and sharpen your mental agility and critical thinking skills. Each team member must be on their A-game in order to solve the room and its many clues and puzzles. Being able to change up the status quo even for just a short amount of time will help your fellow employees improve their performance when they come back into work. Plus, when your boss sees a return on the investment of a team-building outing, you may get to go on more team outings.

Accessibility is Key

One of the best things about EscapeWorks is that we’re right in the heart of Denver, easily accessible to hundreds of workplaces and offices throughout the city. But no party is complete without good food! Not only is an escape room the perfect destination for a quick and easy office party, but if you have enough time you can stop at one of Denver’s unique eateries to keep the celebration rolling. A benefit of our location is that we’re surrounded by highly-rated, distinctive, and exceptional restaurants, so you can treat your office team to some food after their hard investigative work.

When you can sense the office morale at an all time low, bring your crew into EscapeWorks for an office party they won’t soon forget. After a day full of excitement, good eats, and camaraderie, your team will be ready to jump back into the work day with a new energy like you’ve never seen before. Schedule a visit with EscapeWorks at our website and let us give you and your coworkers the experience of a lifetime. For groups of 12 or more, contact us directly to book your adventure!


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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