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Experience Indoor Team Building at EscapeWorks Denver

Indoor Team Building

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to deliberately trap yourself without the knowledge of how to escape, the perceived risk can truly enhance your problem-solving skills. Rather than rely on your own skill set, you are put to the test with a group of individuals you may or may not know. Together, you must find the way out.

At EscapeWorks Denver, you are given the task of leading your team to victory. Take advantage of this indoor team building activity to find out which of your coworkers, family, or friends is a true leader. Discover who will have the most assertive voice, as well as who can solve the hidden clues the quickest. Our escape rooms will promote respect and collaboration with your team. Because these rooms are unlike any scenario you face on a daily basis at work, among friends, or at family gatherings, it can shed new light on the people you thought you knew.

Listen and Lead at the Right Time

The adventures in each of our escape rooms will quickly teach you that working solo doesn’t work at all. You will need to use every member of your team to cooperate with physically and mentally. Team building relies on your ability to listen to multiple perspectives. You will have the ability to share ideas and try to persuade others to follow them to improve your chances at success. We have created the ultimate challenge with our indoor team building escape rooms.

Commit to Collective Wins

How many times have you formed a great idea only to watch the details fall apart once implemented? Our rooms often provide an opportunity to see that a self-seeking agenda will dismantle a team faster than any roadblock standing in the way. Timing is key when it comes to escape, and your team will need to learn to convey ideas quickly and efficiently. Escape rooms heighten your aptitude to work together, while forming memorable lessons.

Change Failure into Fun and Challenge into Readjustment

Another unappreciated kind of creativity is adaptable persistence. One reason a time limit helps you escape is that it frees you from the fear of failing often. What counts isn’t your number of attempts, but your willingness to keep trying. Because you are playing a game, any failures show your courage and ingenuity. Want to be creative? Make it fun or even funny to fail so that you enjoy the stress that you would likely avoid at all costs in your workplace.

Leaving Room to Return

Escape rooms are misleading, not only in their puzzles and kinds of creativity used, but in their purposes. You are escaping to a place to be creatively challenged. You are escaping from your normal ideas about how to solve puzzles and how to work together. You are escaping with an experience that goes with you to improve your creativity. The great thing about our escape rooms is that you can escape to them again, contact us today.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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