[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Who will be in the room with us?” text=’That is up to you. You can book a private room for the price of 5 or more participants, and no one else will be with your group – just check book entire room on the booking page. Or, to save a little cash or if you would like to allow others to join you, leave book entire room unchecked – with no minimum number of players. Note: Monday-Thursday before 5 (excluding holidays), book any room with just 2 or more people for only $25 each with promotion code WEEKDAY. Note that Team Building Events (13 or more people) are always private with no other groups in your rooms.’] [efitems title=”Are escape rooms safe?” text=’We believe that escape rooms are one of the safest activities you can participate in. Many escape rooms still confine people in rooms, requiring a host to help you in an emergency or for a bathroom break. At EscapeWorks, you are never actually locked into a room. You are also never more than a minute away from a direct exit to the street without assistance or permission. EscapeWorks follows all fire and building codes to ensure the highest level of safety for our participants. In addition, all of our employees are trained and follow set procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency.’] [efitems title=”What hours are you open?” text=’
  • Monday-Thursday: 10:30 AM – 10:00  PM (last room starts 8:45)
  • Friday-Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM (last room starts at 9:45)’]
[efitems title=”What are your prices?” text=’Our standard prices are $30 per person (plus service fees). If you book for 5 or more people, you can opt for a private room with no other groups! Check our booking page for weekday discounts.’] [efitems title=”What forms of payment do you take?” text=’All payments are made in advance, at the time of booking, via credit card only. We do not accept cash.’] [efitems title=”Do you take walk-ins?” text=’Yes! Except during our busiest times on Friday nights and Saturdays, there are usually rooms available for walk-in customers to book, but this is not guaranteed. You might also be able to join a room which has been booked by another customer as a public room.’] [efitems title=”Do you have any online or virtual games?” text=’We have discontinued our virtual online games in order to give full attention to our in-person offerings.’] [efitems title=”Am I really locked in a room?” text=’We do not lock anyone inside our rooms – we do not believe this is safe. You can always leave any of our rooms the way you came in without permission or assistance, all the way out the exterior door of the building. The object of the game is to solve the series of puzzles (which in some rooms allows you to escape). We have emergency exits in every room, and we will not lock the doors behind you.  But if you exit before solving the puzzle, it does not count as escaping! Read our recent post Am I Really Locked in a Room? ‘] [efitems title=”What happens if I run out of time?” text=’An escape room is not much fun if it is not challenging. 60-70% of participants do not succeed in the 60 minute time frame. Please review the escape rates listed under each room. If this is your first escape room experience you may want to choose a room with a higher escape rate. If you are a seasoned clue-solver, choose a lower escape rate for a bigger challenge! If you do not escape in 60 minutes, our staff will take you through the clues you missed and answer any questions you have. You are always welcome to re-book a different adventure or even the same one again. Read our post What Happens if I Run Out of Time? ‘] [efitems title=”How many people are in the room?” text=’Our rooms are designed for 2-12 participants. The most effective teams are made of 6-8 participants, since more players give the advantage of additional minds collaborating. However, many groups with fewer than 6 players regularly beat the clock and finish the room. Read our post How Many People Can an Escape Room Hold?‘] [efitems title=”How long is the experience?” text=’Each escape room experience is designed to give you 60 minutes. How long it takes to get out is up to you! You can see the record and average escape times on our escape rooms information page. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early and depart 10 minutes after the experience. ‘] [efitems title=”Are there physical and age restrictions?” text=’Physical Restrictions: Basic physical agility is part of playing our games. Please have each participant do a self assessment to ensure they can bend, crawl, stand, reach and duck. Please note we are located at the top of a flight of 20 stairs and do not have an elevator. Age Restrictions: All ages are welcome. We have designed our escape room experience for players ages 12 and up.
  • Players age 14 and under must be accompanied by a responsible, paying adult.
  • If you are bringing children age 10 or under, you must book the entire room as a private experience (check the book entire room checkbox).
‘] [efitems title=”Is there parking available?” text=’Located ½ a block from the 16th street mall, there are ample metered street parking spots, and many parking lots/garages available. A handy link to use is Best Parking. Close lots/garages include:
  • Denver Performing Arts Parking
  • Central Parking
  • Spot Parking
  • USA Parking
  • Star Parking’]
[efitems title=”Do you do team building/private events?” text=’Yes! Escape rooms are one of the most effective ways to do team building events. Please see our teambuilding page for more details or read our  blog post Need An Outside-The-Box Idea for A Team Building Event?’] [efitems title=”What should I bring?” text=’You will be on your feet for the entirety of the escape room experience, so we recommend wearing clothing and shoes that you can stand and move comfortably in for 60 minutes. We provide all that you need during the escape room experience. Prior to entering the room your group will have access to a locked compartment for your personal items (cell phones, purses, etc.). You will keep the key to the compartment for your group. When booking online you will sign our waiver (Our lawyers made us do it) that can be seen here.’] [efitems title=”What happens if I need to change/cancel or if I’m late?” text=’All changes and cancellations prior to 24 hours before the scheduled room must be done through a link on your confirmation booking email. Please note that there is a 50% penalty for cancellations between 24 and 48 hours prior to the scheduled room. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled room are non refundable with no exceptions. Within 48 hours, any changes must be done by calling us at 303-945-6521 and will be subject to a $35 surcharge per the booking agreement. All games begin at the scheduled time whether participants have arrived or not. We will get you in as quickly as possible. Please allow ample time for traffic and parking. If you arrive late, you will have less than 60 minutes to complete your room. Note: separate policies apply for Team Building events.’] [/efaccordion]