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Five Clue Rooms: Five Unique Adventures

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Whether you’re going out with friends, family, or coworkers, an EscapeWorks adventure is going to be fun. Locked together in a  room, you will have to put your minds and wits together to solve an array of clues to unlock the door and escape within a certain amount of time (60 minutes). This new entertainment venue provides you and your guests with a great way to enjoy old-fashioned fun together. We’ve been told again and again that collaboration and communication are greatly enhanced during an EscapeWorks adventure, which is perfect if you’re wanting to bring your coworkers; the increased collaboration can spill over into the office, streamlining your project procedures and their completions.

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What is a clue room?

We can’t give you too many hints regarding our clue rooms, but we can tell you that we offer five unique scenarios, and they are all theme-based. Let’s take a quick look at each of our Denver escape rooms.

Beyond the Flower Shop

Set in the year 1926, this clue room will have you asking yourself if you’re really in a flower shop or perhaps one of the most secret anti-prohibition hot spots ever. Police are everywhere and the criminals are doing all they can to make a penny off alcohol. What do you know about the prohibition? Is it enough to help you escape this clue room?

War Game

Working as rogue agents, you and your team members are responsible for saving the world. Not only will you have to infiltrate a bunker, but you’ll also have to disarm a missile and keep World War III from taking place. Do you have what it takes to accomplish all of this in only 60 minutes?


It’s finally happened, just like in Walking Dead. A deadly virus has spread across the world and is killing everyone it comes into contact with. You and your teammates, however, have managed to escape to an abandoned research lab, and it just happens that the CDC is here working on concocting a vaccination. If you don’t solve all of the hidden clues within 60 minutes, the air runs out in the research lab. It’s your responsibility to pick up with the CDC left off and finish the vaccination and save the world.

Casino Heist

After planning a casino heist for many months, you and your teammates are going to be very upset when you find out the mastermind of the plan has turned his back and sold you all out to the police. There’s no time now, though, for anger because you have only 60 minutes to figure out a way to get from the casino to the vault; the vault is the only route of escape or you’ll be caught by the police.

Egyptian Tomb

The last time this tomb was entered was back in the 1940’s, and it just so happens the last person to enter it never came back out. In an attempt to retrace his footsteps, you and your teammates must solve puzzles and clues and escape in 60 minutes. If you don’t, his fate may very well become your own.

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