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How to Unite Your Office

Team Building

Some teams come together and they exhibit a high amount of energy, extensive levels of creativity, and a form of shared commitment that you won’t find hardly anywhere else. How do they develop these character traits? Did they have them from the beginning or did they learn them over time? Truth is, most highly successful teams work hard for the way in which they operate.

Are you looking for a way to build your team’s strengths? If so, make sure to check out one of the newest ways — Escape Rooms — to minimize your team’s performance gaps and learn new strengths you never knew were there. Let’s take a quick look at four benefits to be gained when your team takes part in team building exercises.

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Retain Your Best Employees

When your team members are happy with their performance at work, this leads to a better quality of life both in and out of the office; this, of course, leads to these employees wanting to stick with your company. In fact, successful teams have higher rates of engagement in the work they perform and are 87 percent more likely not to leave their current employer and seek work elsewhere. Team building doesn’t just help the team; it helps enhance levels of engagement and assists you in being able to retain your best employees.

Improves Trust

Your team is never going to achieve success unless it trusts each other, and this means there needs to be trust between each and every member of your team. Team building activities allow your workers to collaborate with one another outside of their traditional roles within the office. Escape Rooms require team members to put their brains together, collaborate quickly, and trust each other that the correct decision is being made. Essentially, members are trusting each other that solutions can be created no matter what problem it is that they are facing.

Rolling with the Changes

As with anything in life, change is going to take place. Your team needs to be aware that it can roll with the changes as they come. Team building allows the team to see who is willing to go the extra mile to help overcome changes. As each member’s flaws and strengths are pinpointed, it then becomes possible to build on the strengths and develop further training for minimizing the flaws and weaknesses.

Increases Effective Communication

The most important tool that any team can have for success is effective communication. Without good communication, a team will fall apart regardless of who talented each member is. When taking part in team building exercises, effective communication is a must. Whether it be pushing another team member toward the finish line or solving a complicated problem with creative thinking, enhanced effective communication is one of the primary benefits gained in team building.

To learn more about team building and how it can help your company, contact EscapeWorks Denver today.

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