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It Takes a Team

It Takes A Team

Although groups of as few as two can participate in any of EscapeWorks Denver’s themed rooms, seeking answers to various puzzles to secure their escape within 60 minutes, many will find that more minds working together is ideal, especially when solving some of the more complicated queries. Success in an escape room often depends on the range of personalities and talents inherent in each participant, and working together toward a common goal can improve communication skills and strengthen camaraderie. Read on to learn more about some of the unique skill sets and personalities that can come in handy when attempting escape from one of EscapeWorks Denver’s rooms.

Logical Thinkers

Often, determining the progression of the puzzles toward the ultimate conclusion can be the perfect task for the logician of the group.

Your most logical friend or coworker may be able to operate as the ringleader of the group, helping keep others focused on the various tasks at hand and making sure all the puzzle pieces can fit into place. Logical thinkers are often good organizers as well, keeping clues tallied and close at hand.

Math Whizzes

Although there shouldn’t be complex calculus or trigonometry problems in any of the rooms, the ability to quickly perform some basic calculations in your head can be a boon to your team.

Those who have some inherent math talents may also be more likely to be “left-brain” thinkers, helping out the other more logical team members to keep the room’s story as linear as possible.

Creative Artists

Balance is key for any team, and having artists and other creative types at your disposal is crucial to your chances of success. Right-brain thinkers have the ability to seek outside-the-box solutions to otherwise puzzling problems that can stymie more logical team members.

Many of EscapeWorks Denver’s themed rooms can offer special interest to creative thinkers, from Beyond The Flower Shop’s Mob-themed mystery to a Casino Heist’s burglary gone wrong.

Trivia Buffs

Those with a mind for trivia often demonstrate a tremendous ability to recall even the most mundane details. This can be invaluable when it comes to tracking down clues that may not appear to be of much importance.

Trivia buffs also tend to have knowledge of a wide range of topics, which can come in handy in any of the varied rooms, whether you’re trying to develop a humanity-saving vaccine in Outbreak, or unraveling a centuries-old mystery in Egyptian Tomb.

If the personalities and talents of members of your circle of friends, recreational sports team, or department at work are described here, adding them to your team at EscapeWorks Denver can give you a strong shot of escaping–perhaps even setting a new room record. Head over to EscapeWorks’ website to review the available rooms to see which ones pique your interest.

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