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Getting to Know Your Date in a Different Setting

Getting to Know Your Date in a Different Setting

After you move past the initial period of “getting to know you” dating, it’s time to consider a future with your partner, and in order to build a lasting relationship, you need to understand the way their personality is hardwired. The best way to get into the nitty-gritty parts of your date’s mind is by taking on an escape room together. You can learn some of the most important things about your date in an escape room if you understand how to use the room to read them.

Observe Their Performance Under Stress

When moving forward in a dating relationship, you need to remember that you may be facing some difficult, stressful times with one another. It’s good to understand how your partner operates under pressure, and escape rooms provide you with this opportunity. Inside the room, you have tasks set before you with a sixty-minute timer running, and there’s a high level of intensity in the room. Pay attention to how your date handles the stress: do they crumble and become frustrated, or are they calm and collected?

Get to Know Your Date’s Strengths

It’s easy to see good things about your date when they’re presenting their best self to you, but being in a fast-paced environment reveals the bigger picture. You get to know your date’s personality pretty well when you’re up close and personal with them under pressure. Are they creative in their approach to problem-solving, or are they more logical? Do they excel in critical thinking and communication? And do they work well independently, or do they shine when they’re working with a team? Escape rooms are your chance to learn how your partner communicates, how they handle leadership, and how they solve the issues they’re facing.

Take Advantage of the Different Setting

As previously noted, when you’re inside an escape room, you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone and forced to work together with someone through tension and stress. So when you’re thrown into a team with people you don’t know, you can see how well they manage teamwork when it’s not convenient or easy. Are they keeping the talking to a minimum and trying to do their own thing, or do they join the ranks to work together? A relationship is a team, and escape rooms are built for them. You can read this article to help you understand how to utilize an escape room to improve your relationship’s teamwork.

EscapeWorks designs their escape rooms to be fully immersive and organizes them to stress teamwork and collaboration. No matter who you’re with or how well you understand them, an escape room will reveal more about them than you ever thought you’d know. Needless to say, their rooms are not just limited to being date activities. If you’re looking for another way to use an escape room for your benefit, view our rooms.

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