November 29

What People Are Saying about EscapeWorks Denver!

What People are Saying About EscapeWorks Denver!

Sometimes it can be tough to venture into the unknown. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a recent movie, or a set of tiki torches from Amazon, we all want to know what other people think before spending our hard-earned money. EscapeWorks Denver is a great place for a first date, a team-building function, or a day out with your family. Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few recent comments from some folks who loved their time here.

“Great time and so much fun. If you have never done an escape room you should!”

Whether you are trying an escape room for the first time, or happen to be an escape veteran, EscapeWorks has something for everyone. The concept is straightforward, but you have to work together to find a way out. You will be locked into one of the three themed rooms of your choice, with one hour to escape. These rooms are a unique way to have fun, and challenge yourself at the same time.

“I did this with my colleagues from work. We had so much fun…and we won the challenge with 13 minutes to spare. Great team building exercise!!!”

Employers looking for a team building exercise, or employees wanting to have some fun off the clock will find it here. You can work as a team, or competitively. Maybe the losing group can come in on a Sunday to finish up all of the dreaded paper work. Will you come back to work on Monday victorious?

“I’m a fan of EscapeWorks. I’ve done other rooms in Denver and so far, EscapeWorks is my favorite. We did the Casino Heist (got out) and Egyptian Tomb (so close). The rooms are tough, but they do provide clues if you get stalled to help your progress. We will be going back for the Big Game soon.”

EscapeWorks is the premier escape room facility in the Denver area, with a variety of experiences. You can try your luck at the Big Game room, where you are featured as the star Quarterback trying to make it out of the locker room before the game starts. If you are looking for more of an ancient adventure, try to escape from the Egyptian tomb. You and your teammates will attempt to uncover what happened to the missing archeologist. Lastly, are you intrigued by a story of thievery and betrayal? Live out this scenario in our Casino Heist room.

“A very clever idea. Worth trying if you like solving puzzles.”

Not only is an escape room entertaining, it offers clue solving, and strategy building adventure. Engage your mind and body in this activity. If your group feels stuck, we will provide you with the clues to move forward. Can you escape in the given time frame? Make sure to bring your sidekick, because the mystery is yet to be solved.

Our story, information about each room, and more reviews are available on our website. If you are thinking about booking with us for your next event, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.



$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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