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Small Team Building Activities

Small Team Building Activities

Team building is a valuable exercise for teams of all sizes, especially in a professional setting. For small teams, however, the importance of team building can be even more significant; in a team of 12 or less, each person’s role becomes all the more important.

If you want to help your small team be all it can be, these activities can teach camaraderie, sportsmanship, trust, and, of course, fun.

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In-Office Games

Who says excitement has to happen outside of the office? In order to boost morale and encourage team spirit without taking time out of the day, many departments advocate for small icebreaker and team activities before meetings or during breaks. These kinds of games, like Telephone, Classify This, and What’s On Your Desk, are designed to facilitate communication, improve education, and foster familiarity.

Job Shadowing

A lack of understanding is often at the root of team dysfunction. When it’s not quite clear who plays what role or which team handles which jobs, it can be easy to feel isolated or alone. Job shadowing removes these barriers, allowing team members to observe the responsibilities and duties that others perform. In general, a job shadowing program pairs individuals for several hours to a full workday to provide insight into tasks and capabilities.

Department Retreats

A deeper bond is often a requirement for an effective team, making department retreats a good way to build relationships and encourage team spirit. Possible over a weekend or off-campus during the work day, a retreat takes away the pressures of the workplace and allows team members to connect on a more personal level. From a day out at a local amusement park to a weekend spent camping, retreats can be excellent opportunities to promote a foundation of trust and confidence.

Escape Rooms

When you want to make a maximum impact for a minimal time commitment, there’s no better opportunity than an escape room. Designed for between 2 and 12 participants, escape rooms bring excitement, spirit, and enthusiasm to any small team. The setting – a locked room that requires problem-solving, reasoning skills, and logic to solve – provides a heart-pounding experience, forcing team members to trust one another as skills and capabilities are put to the test. In an escape room setting, each and every participant has a chance to shine, helping team members to learn more about one another’s strengths, talents, and areas of expertise. If you make it out in the allotted 60 minutes, congrats! – your team is one of the successful few to solve the puzzle. If not? There’s always next time.

Building a strong team isn’t always easy, but an escape room can help you bring out the best attributes in your organization. At EscapeWorks Denver, we have everything you need for a successful outing, from a variety of thrilling rooms at varying skill levels to group options for easy booking. From recreational groups to work departments and everything in between, we can help any team succeed. Contact EscapeWorks Denver to learn more!

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