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Become A Dynamic Team Member In An Escape Room

Become A Dynamic Team Member In An Escape Room

Many workplaces organize team building activites at EscapeWorks because of the versatility and options each group is able to experience. With five completely different settings and scenarios, our escape room utopia located in Denver provides a unique opportunity to every group who walks through our doors. You can use the mission to not only grow together as a team but simultaneously use the stressful situation to your advantage and impress your boss.

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Put Your Communication Skills to Work With a Team Building Activity

In a fast-paced environment, and a sixty-minute deadline, the atmosphere can become hectic. Stress levels skyrocket, but no one works well in a state of panic and confusion. Shouting and ignoring each others’ contributions are fast paths to failure. Exercising calm and collected communication will help your team’s performance in the escape room and also allows you to rise to a leadership position and reveal yourself as an asset to your team in an area of expertise. The ability to promote and facilitate effective discussion and planning with your team in a foreign environment is imperative in any workplace and valuable to any team and boss.

Flex Your Critical Thinking Muscles

A large portion of the challenge an escape room poses is the need to analyze and evaluate every course of action. Being able to discern which clues are worth putting to use, which ones will lead your team astray, and knowing how to act upon these discernments shows an inclination towards adept critical thinking. An aptitude for perception and clear-headed processing is a practical skill to possess in the workplace, and what better way to reveal your mastery than in a mystery-solving setting? Our escape rooms in the heart of Denver are the perfect place to hone your skills in critical thinking and use them to help improve your team’s performance in your office.

Upgrade Your Creativity and Adaptability

EscapeWorks provides a fully immersive team building activity experience that pushes everyone out of their comfort zone. When you are thrown into an environment you are unaccustomed to, you have to choose how you are going to respond and move forward. An assortment of obstacles and puzzles are thrown your way in the workplace, and an escape room is the perfect scenario to display your mastery of problem-solving and devising plans of action in a short timeframe. Helping your group by exhibiting imaginative and adaptive qualities in order to decipher the clues and puzzles in the escape room will open doors to assisting your team in that capacity in the workplace and earn you a spot as an integral part of your team.

The talents you exemplify in our team building activities and exciting environments like a 1920s era speakeasy or an ancient Egyptian tomb foster skills you can utilize in the workplace. EscapeWorks Denver has several different scenarios to cater to any taste and allow your office to grow together to improve performance outside of the escape room. Contact us to book your adventure through our website at www.escapeworksdenver.com to explore and discover your team’s potential.

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