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Train Your Brain

The benefits of “brain training” have been widely discussed and many esteemed psychologists agree that puzzles and brainteasers are a great way to optimize your mental performance. They have been proven to slow cognitive deterioration later on in life and they can also improve your wit at its peak. If you’ve been experiencing mind fog or just want to sharpen your cognitive skills, simple mind games like escape rooms can benefit mental health.

Problem solving is an essential ability that most of us have to use every day for work, school, and personal relationships. Thinking critically about a puzzle or riddle can reinforce existing connections between your brain cells and improve your problem-solving skills. The outside the box thinking you often have to use when solving tricky riddles and brainteasers can be utilized in your daily life. In addition, solving puzzles can even improve your short-term memory and mental speed.


Strategy games like Monopoly and Settlers of Catan can have the same effect on your brain. You may already have strategy-style board games at home, or you can download an app and play with your friends remotely. Speaking of apps, there are many brain training games you can download for free and use daily to exercise your mind, such as Lumosity and Elevate. Countless strategy-based video games can also give you a brain boost while you play. Almost every game or app store has a strategy category, and you would be surprised by how many games you already know and love can increase your brainpower.

The brain is just like any other muscle in that it should be exercised to stay healthy and strong. Consider incorporating a brainteaser or riddle into your daily routine for a quick mental workout. Brain training can and should be fun, so figure out what interests you whether it’s Sudoku or StarCraft. If you’re looking for group activity, escape rooms are a perfect blend of brain training and entertainment. Escape rooms put players in a unique position where they must use a whole-brain approach to solve puzzles at a micro and macro level. Essentially, you have to use a most of your cognitive abilities at once, creating the ultimate mental workout.

We at EscapeWorks pride ourselves on creating rooms that are challenging and fun. Each of our escape rooms can benefit your mental health by testing your problem solving, teamwork, strategy, memory, and creativity. Our Game Masters strive to entertain and assist our guests at all times, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience. Immerse yourselves in the story and work out your brains as 1930’s mobsters or as a casino heist team. Whichever rooms you choose to take on, we guarantee you’ll have fun training your brain with us.


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