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What Makes a Quality Escape Room

What Makes a Quality Escape Room

As escape rooms rise in popularity all over the country, new establishments are popping up in nearly every big city and have become a popular destination for families, parties, team building outings, and date nights. But can every escape room be a good one? We at EscapeWorks Denver have made it our mission to create quality escape rooms that will challenge you and leave you wanting more.

Our Denver Escape Rooms

Story Line

We have painstakingly created five rooms with unique stories that will suit any mood you are in! Our rooms include the Egyptian Tomb, Casino Heist, Beyond the Flower Shop, Outbreak, and War Games. Each of these rooms has backstories that will capture your attention, challenge your mind, and immerse your senses to get the most out of your escape room experience. We want to make sure all of our rooms are fun and will include everyone involved.


Frustration is not the key to an escape room, but a healthy challenge is! Our rooms are not designed to be a causal activity, but to stimulate your senses, turn the gears in your brain, and turn your world upside down. The challenge level is partially set by the room design and partly by the number of people in each room. Our room capacity allows for 2-12 guests which can increase the difficulty level if you choose to tackle the room with fewer members. Our age range allows guests ages 12 and up! We encourage all ages to help foster creative thinking. We have rated each of our games with an escape rate that ranges from 12%- 42% which allows for our customers to visit and increase the challenge each time you play!


In order to fully appreciate the intricacy of an escape room, there must be a backstory for each room, details must be elaborate, the challenge must be present, and to the surprise of some, you must be locked in the escape room. We fully understand that being locked in a room isn’t necessarily a desire, but we believe that it is necessary to fully immerse yourself in the escape room. The rooms are not constricting and you have plenty of room to walk, reach, and crawl around. 

EscapeWorks Denver has excelled in the creation of each detail of our escape rooms. Your outing will be filled with fun, excitement, challenge, and spark a desire for more escape rooms. You can easily book your room online or via phone. We encourage you to bring your friends and family to join in on the fun or suggest our escape rooms for your next company event or team building activity.

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