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Why Team Building is an Important Investment

Why Team Building is an Important Investment

Business owners and managers know there are many different types of investments they must make in order to create a profitable company. Investments range from physical to environmental which include building space, technology, office ambiance and continuous education. One of the more forgotten investments a successful business must make is in their employees’ team cooperation. As corporate culture is created and employee turnover is unavoidable, it is extremely important to make team building a priority. How can you make sure you invest in your cohesion as a team?

Where Team Building Happens

It may seem like a convenient option to have team building activities during the work day in your workplace, but this may deter your employees from having the fun they need because they feel like they are still on the job. It’s important to take your employee’s out of their natural environment and explore their personalities and strengths in a new surrounding. Employee’s need to feel a sense of themselves rather than the corporate culture pressed upon them.

A healthy distance from comfort zones is a great way to allow managers and employees to let their guard down, promote trust, deters conflict, and fosters better communication for all involved. Corporate picnics are fun and who doesn’t like food? However, these are cliche and often do not promote team building but can increase segregation in team cliques.

Team building can happen in a myriad of environments and there are thousands of team building activities to choose from. We highly recommend choosing activities that occur outside of the office. Some of our top choices for team building activities include: cosmic bowling night, team volunteering at a local food shelter, attending a sports game, go-kart racing/arcade, team sports leagues, escape rooms, nerf wars at a local park, potlucks at a manager or employee’s home. 

Team Building Solution

Team building is not meant to be a one-time activity. It’s a commitment to investment that must be touched upon frequently in order to make an impact. We know it can be challenging to come up and execute team building activities on a monthly or even quarterly basis. One solution to this challenge is several large activities planned throughout the year with weekly, or even better, daily, team collaboration. Team huddles can keep communication up, encourage cohesion in the office, and promote positive energy.

EscapeWorks Denver specializes in team building activities for corporate offices, sports teams, church groups, family reunions, and more. We know the goal of your event and we can help get you there. We want to help foster creativity, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. Contact us today to learn more about our team building activities and inquire about a team building group discount. 

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