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Your Next Great Escape

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Escape rooms are the hottest entertainment craze for a reason. Escape rooms offer a heart-pounding adventure in 60 minutes or less. Not much else can do that. In an escape room, you’ll have the opportunity to put your brain to the test in a dynamic and exhilarating environment –  as you race with your friends against a ticking clock.

But is every escape room a good one? With so many options out there, making the right escape room decision can prove to be deceptively challenging, especially for those new to the arena of escape games. When you’re on the hunt for escape rooms in Denver, here’s what you need to keep in mind to make a perfect choice.

A Variety of Rooms and Themes

As the adage goes, variety is the “spice of life.” When you’re choosing an escape room, a selection complete with numerous available themes makes a difference. With a wide array of rooms from which to choose, you’ll quickly find a storyline that peaks your interests. From ancient Egyptian curses to Prohibition-era mysteries, a great escape room tells a story you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Varying Levels of Difficulty

Are you an escape room novice or a seasoned pro? Many escape room destinations feature both a variety of themes and assorted escape difficulty rates, allowing newcomers and veterans alike an opportunity to flex their mental muscles. Whether you want a challenge few people can conquer or an easier game that will increase your odds of getting out alive, a good escape room provider should be able to accommodate all players.

Full Immersion

To fully appreciate the intricacy of an escape room, there must be a backstory for each room, details must be elaborate, the challenge must be present, and there must be a sense of urgency to complete the task. For safety reasons, don’t actually lock our participants into our rooms! You can leave the room anytime you want the way you came in, without asking for permission or assistance. However, leaving the room this way doesn’t mean you have completed the challenge, and the clock keeps ticking while you’re out.

Available for Many Occasions

An escape room visit doesn’t have to be a one-off day of fun with friends. Escape rooms can provide valuable team-building opportunities for corporate events, clubs, and more. If you’re seeking a new twist on corporate outings, an escape room can add a little excitement, helping your group to learn how to work together, solve problems, and coexist through periods of game-induced stress. Many established escape games have opportunities for group bookings, making it easy to organize something special.

Perfect Match: EscapeWorks 

When you’re looking for an escape room experience in Denver to engage your senses and send you on the adventure of a lifetime, EscapeWorks is ready and waiting! As the area’s premier escape room, we’re here to up the ante with five unique rooms of varying difficulty levels. We encourage you to bring your friends and family to join in on the fun and highly recommend our escape rooms for your next company event or team building activity. You can quickly book your room via our online booking form or at 303-945-6521.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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