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Not all escape rooms are created equal. Though it goes without saying, many individuals assume that escape rooms are simply escape rooms – how could one be so different from the next? In fact, the quality of one escape room can radically differ from the next. At EscapeWorks, we’ve experienced this firsthand. There are many companies that try to imitate what we do, but we believe we are one of a kind. At the conception of our business, we were dedicated to reimagining the escape room concept by taking it to the next level. Our reviews have proven that no one can match the quality of our work. Our escape rooms are unparalleled by any other, because we take time to perfect our rooms!

We provide rooms with varying levels of difficulty, ensuring that everyone and anyone will have fun. Do you want to take your friends and family to an escape room? Don’t settle for less than the best. Bring them to EscapeWorks Denver, where we promise a one-of-a-kind experience. We know that anyone can say they are the best, so we would like to prove it! In the following content, we hope to demonstrate exactly what sets us apart, from quality and inclusivity to positive customer reviews.

A Dedication to Quality

At times, individuals explore our website and wonder why we don’t have as many themed escape rooms as other businesses. There is a reason: we like to ensure that the rooms we already have are operating at peak performance. As Steve Jobs memorably quoted, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

At EscapeWorks, quality is the name of our game – and this sets us apart. We designed each room with a single goal: that the experience will test your critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork skills while allowing you to have fun with your group. Each themed space was carefully thought through to be fully immersive and unforgettable.

A Convenient Location

Whether you’re a Denver local or you’re only in town for a short time, our location is easy to find and impossible to miss, smack-dab downtown. EscapeWorks is nestled in the city center, surrounded by a cluster of other activities for you and your group to try before or after your adventure with us. Denver is home to unique attractions, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of opportunities to have fun. For example, cross the street to visit a classic diner sure to deliver a blast from the past (and excellent food). Or, stroll right around the corner to the comedy club for a few belly-aching laughs. The options are endless in the Mile-High City, and EscapeWorks is the perfect addition to an incredible trip.

A Range of Difficulty

If you never win the games you play, you probably wouldn’t want to play them again, right? Imagine playing keep away with a pet. The first few failed attempts to snatch the toy result in anticipation and quickly rewarding the pet with the toy creates a fun game. If you never released the toy, the “game” would end in defeat and frustration. This is why we designed our escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty! If this is your first try at an escape room, your group may want to opt for an easier room. But if your group resembles the partnership between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, you might be more interested in our most difficult rooms. Puzzles, riddles, and hidden clues become more challenging with every room. Even though not every individual who enters our escape room wins, we can guarantee that everyone who walks through our doors will leave with unforgettable memories and improved mental agility.

A Message from Our Escapees!

You’ve heard it from us. We think we provide the best, most riveting escape room experience in the area. But anyone can claim to be the greatest! However, EscapeWorks’ average rating of 4.8 out of 5 and feedback level consisting of over 1,000 reviews confirms our claims. We would like to share a few of our favorite reviews, from escapees who would agree with our conclusion:

An escapee who tried our Outbreak room in October, Gage Jones explains his riveting experience: “The most well-organized escape room I’ve been to! There are locked places for belongings as well as a unique hint system that is better than every other room I’ve been to. Outbreak is a very well thought out and designed room that eloquently railroads the players. Nearly got out too if it wasn’t for that pesky red button!”

In December, Maria Pinzon and 12 companions dove into our escape room adventure: “The staff were very helpful and fun people. We did the beyond the flower shop room theme which was designed well even for our large group of 12 people, but I could see all group sizes enjoying this room. I appreciate the attention to detail to the escape room and the challenges placed throughout. The experience was worth it for our team-bonding event, and I highly recommend this for all types of people. Thanks for all the fun!”

While spending a long weekend in town, Angela Pruitt and her group impressively conquered our Casino Heist room in January: “We were in Colorado for a long weekend and had a late flight home. We decided to try an escape room. We chose EscapeWorks and it was great. Savannah and Matt were awesome hosts. We were excited to be among the 18% that solved The Casino Heist. I encourage you to give it a try!”

EscapeWorks Denver

People love escape rooms for the adventure, challenge, an unforgettable experience, and a bonding opportunity for family and friends. At EscapeWorks, we want to provide you with a real escape room Denver experience. What does this entail? The pulse-pounding thrill of trying to beat the clock while solving puzzles. Book one of our escape rooms, or get in touch today at (303) 945-6521 or via our online contact form.

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